Her Lunar Vow (Tsuyoshi Intro)

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Her Lunar Vow (Tsuyoshi Intro)

Post  Guest on Sun Oct 04, 2009 7:25 am

(Last days of August)

The sound of Tsuyoshi's boots hitting the ground echoed in the middle of the night. His chains were chirping like crazy making it sound like a mass killer was wandering around the city. Suddenly his footsteps became silent as he entered an earth-road and headed towards an imposing mansion. Upon his reach at the entrance he stood still as the door opened almost on its own. A maiden and a casually dressed girl bowed before him and greeted: "Welcome home, Tsuyoshi-sama" with an obviously cheerful voice. The shorter and also younger girl stood up instantly after greeting and said with a childish and surprisingly excited tone: "Tsuyoshi-kun did you come to pla-" her speech was suddenly stopped by the maiden's firm voice: "Meilin!" silence befell the other girl and the maiden continued: "My deepest apologies, Master; My sister is still young and ignorant. Please excuse her-" the maiden was now silenced as well by Tsuyoshi this time: "No, Meilin; some other time. I promise" said and headed towards the hall.

A white-haired butler which was slightly older than Tsuyoshi was already waiting for him with a smile on his face: "Tsuyoshi, during your absence your parents-" As if interrupting others was the current trend Tsuyoshi raised his had and said with an obviously firmer voice: "I have told you not to mention them when I am around!" The butler bowed and apologized. "Go to your rooms and don't get out until I order you to" Tsuyoshi said and walked up the stairs going for his room.

After entering his room he lied on his bed lost in thought. "Did I really have to come back here?" said an sighed. Tsuyoshi stood up and opened his bedside table. He took out a light blue and a purple diamond. "I can handle teleportation and still can't even summon this..." said and sighed once again in deep disbelief.

He walked down the hall and entered the kitchen where the staff waited as it had been told before. The cheerful girl from before, Meilin, rushed to his side and with a tray full of candies. Tsuyoshi picked a pink candy and said: "I'll be leaving in a while. The next person who will cross the entrance after me will be your second master. Is that clear?" He picked another sweet and stared at the astonished staff. "Meilin?" he said and looked at the short girl. "H-Hai..." she replied with a depressed look on her face. Tsuyoshi moved on to the next girl with the white long hair and the maiden costume. "Natsu?" he asked. "Understood" she responded and bowed. The next thing Tsuyoshi did was just a nod and then the white haired butler came and kissed his right hand on his one knee. "Your wish is our command" he replied with his usual smile and smexy deep voice (Sorry about that Laughing )

When Tsuyoshi was about to exit the earth-road he had walked before Meilin shouted at him: "Come back to play sometime, Yuuki! You promised!!!" Tsuyoshi stood still for a moment with a surprised look on his face but put on smiled right after. "I've really missed that name, Meilin" said to himself and continued walking.


Tsuyoshi returned to school and stood in the middle of the courtyard. "How many times does it have to be destroyed?" Tsuyoshi thought. Then, he raised his right arm which was holding the purple diamond and said: "This should be enough for you...right?"

The purple gem glowed in the dark and the clouds that were covering the sky disappeared revealing a perfect full-moon which lightened the whole Tomiya City. In front of Tsuyoshi was now standing a beautiful girl with two long, cyan ponytails and an eyepatch. "Eh~I appreciate your offer, Master" she replied and smiled maliciously. "I am the Servant Rider. You can call me Lucia if you'd like" "Then, Lucia, you know where to go now. Stay there until I call you. You can use them as you wish" Rider was surprised for a moment but then she replied: "I promise to make good use of everything at your disposal" and disappeared in the vast shadows of the night. The moment she left, the clouds returned to the sky.


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