Episode One (Oct 5th, Monday - Day)

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Re: Episode One (Oct 5th, Monday - Day)

Post  Ferios on Fri Nov 13, 2009 5:06 am

Kogane's laughter slowly died down to a mere grin. "Hai, hai." It was clear from her sarcastic tone that she didn't believe either of them. She waited politely for them to finish speaking, jokingly chiming in again as the Irishman started to leave.

"I was worried. 'What will I do when he keeps bringing men home?'" She sobered up and raised the index finger of her bandaged right hand, a condescending note in her voice. "It's frightening for a young, newly-engaged girl to think about, you know. You should be careful not to break your fiance's fragile heart by accident, Sensei."

Her scolding done, she lowered her hand again to give him a faint smile, as if to say 'I forgive you'. "That aside, it would be rude if I didn't sign up, wouldn't it? It sounds exciting anyway."

Kogane looked after the departing foreigner, shaking her head as she spoke aloud to herself. "An Irishman, huh. He was sorta plain looking. And aren't they supposed to be blond? Suspicious guy... Although, we seem to be getting a lot of new foreign teachers recently." She trailed off into thought.

What with the ruckus Assassin is causing, Ortensia could just be here as some kind of... Student bodyguard or something. The school's own private bouncer. The principal has always been a little overprotective and all, but... That Doyle guy bugs me. Teaching English. The national language of Ireland is... Garlic? Something like that. But they speak English there too, probably. Suspicious due to how well he blends in.

"The whole school smells fishy... Well, whatever. It doesn't have anything to do with me." The school bell started it's chime, signifying the beginning of afternoon classes.

"I should probably go get my things and leave before I'm 'late', huh.." She mumbled, sighing as she gazed off toward the school gate.


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Gossiping Gossipness

Post  Guest on Sat Nov 14, 2009 1:39 pm

After the huge demonstration fuss Rider continued wandering around the schoolyard lost in thought. She had to a task to fulfill but in this school, everything seemed to get in the way. Actually she was feeling quite thrilled since she liked challenges but at the same time she was feeling nervous.

Walking along the courtyard she could hear the students' minor conversation which were, for the most part, about the new teacher and the sharpshooting classes. She decided to head for the roof in order to clear her mind or, more specifically, make some moe scenarios for the new student-teacher love going on. Rider didn't seem like that form the outside but in fact, she was a hardcore fangirl.

In the meantime, Tsuyoshi, who was still spying on Victor and his up-coming minion, Kogane, decided to take action too. But he couldn't think of a way to do so. Too many strangers had begun gathering around him, making it impossible to speak privately with him. "Hmmm... New staff is bound to attract attention after all. Is this actually a city? It is so... non-city-like! I'll have to withdraw for now... So boring" Tsuyoshi was seriously pissed. Come to think of it, Meilin was a student in Tomiya High School too, just a freshman though. With that in mind, Tsuyoshi went searching for her.


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Re: Episode One (Oct 5th, Monday - Day)

Post  Guest on Wed Nov 18, 2009 2:04 am

(Note, this post does contain some spoilers from the series. Ye've been warned.)

Akashi composed himself as he parked in front of the high school. His red corvette shone brightly in the clearing afternoon sky, the sunshine playing across the surface and giving it a ruby-like appearance.

That feeling that had so surprised him when he drew within the area had not dissipated, nor had it grown stronger; it was simply there. It felt like a pall upon the landscape, a shroud of death and supernatural energy. For some reason, it reminded him of Kirei...

Of course, he's dead. An agent of the magi and the Church, and in the end he betrayed them both.

Even so long after the events in Fuyuki City, Akashi felt torn up about the whole thing. To an extent, he blamed himself for not seeing what Kirei had become.

He was so... distant after the last Holy Grail War. Everyone thought it was just nerves, trauma from the battle, but...

...But why was he thinking about it so much right now? He had a job to do. These kids could be in danger unless proper precautions were taken. It was his duty to look out for them. And Akashi did his job, no matter what.

Akashi knocked on the door of the principal's office, and stepped inside. Upon entrance he approached the principal, bowing and shaking the other man's hand. "Konnichiwa. I am Detective Kotomine Akashi. I believe you were called about my arrival. I'd like to call an assembly of the school this very afternoon, if possible. In the meantime, I would like to review the procedures outlined before the assembly begins."


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Re: Episode One (Oct 5th, Monday - Day)

Post  Zatheena on Wed Nov 18, 2009 7:36 pm

After grabbing something suitable for lunch, Neal made his way back to the living room and sat down in the chair adjacent to the couch that Lancer had managed to dominate completely. He watched the strange young man for a long moment before speaking "What are you doing?" Lancer glanced over at Neal "Watching TV, what does it look like I'm doing?" Neal sighed heavily "No, I mean...You don't actually need to eat when you are in your servant form....Why are you staying in your..." Lancer lifted a hand to stop Neal and spoke "Look...Holy Grail wars only happen once every decade right? And do you have any idea how many possible servants there are that can take part in these wars? Getting the opportunity is like winning the lottery. Some have won several times in a row, others will never win the chance to take part. I for one, fully intend to enjoy this whole thing to its fullest. That includes watching TV, eating all these neat foods, seeing the sights and winning the war."

Neal frowned and folded his arms "This isn't a vacation, Lancer. This is serious life and death stuff." The strange young man sprawled out on the couch laughed "Exactly! If you take it too seriously all the time it will eat away at you and wear you down. Look, Master. We can talk strategy till we are blue in the face, the fact of the matter is, right now it is the beginning, and that means we need to have patience. If you get too up tight, you are going to start making mistakes. And THAT is going to get you killed. See my point?" Neal thought for a moment befor nodding slightly "Fair enough...now...about the mess you made..."

Lancer sat up and stretched "Don't worry I'll clean it up. It is just that these foods were so wonderful it was hard to stop. Oh and tomorrow we are going to start your training." Neal blinked and looked at Lancer puzzledly "My training?" Lancer got a faint smirk on his lip and nodded "Well yeah. You put me in a tight spot you know. If you were a young kid, or a girl it wouldn't be so hard to run around with you. But you are a grown man I really doubt you are going to want a piggy back ride if things get hectic. Right? Besides, I want you to be able to be able to at least hold your own for a little while in case I'm not around right away. You have any experience with spear work?" Neal picked at his lunch "I've done martial arts, but not spears specifically. My family made sure that I was going to be ready to fight in a war, but I never trained in any one thing specifically."

Lancer propped his feet up on the coffee table amongst the food containers "Well, that should make my life a little easier at least. We are going to learn to fight as a team. I'll teach you spear work, and you can augment those skills with your own magic skills. You would be surprised how well it works." Neal could understand the need for the extra training, but really, when was he going to find the time? Granted his tutoring job could turn up not a single student, but even still, he had a full time job that had him working five days a week. Granted he did have that account he could draw on. In fact, the thought had crossed his mind to quit his job for the duration of the War so he could focus entirely on the task at hand. He may still do that, if things got too crazy.

"Tonight, you and I need to go to the school and set up a few things. I just need to verify if the new teacher there is a magician. He is teaching the students marksmanship with gun...I found it a little odd, it is worth checking out. I want you to stay out of sight though, only step in if I'm attacked. Also...if we are walking around during the day, I can't very well call you Lancer, if a magician heard me call you that, it would be a good way to give away what I am. Even calling you Lance is a little too obvious. Our cover story is going to be you are my cousin Logan Doyle, you just moved here to live with me for a little while till you can save up money to go to college." Lancer snickered "Sure, whatever. I can already tell this is going to be a loooooong war..but that suits me just fine. War is one of my specialties. So tell me....Are those women on TV real? And how would I go about meeting one?" Neal facepalmed "Why me..."

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Descent Into Madness: Ramen Edition

Post  Ferios on Fri Nov 20, 2009 7:25 am

Kogane paced silently down the long road leading toward her home from school. There weren't many people out, given the time, but she could feel their presence nonetheless. Kogane hated being around others. Occasionally she even felt nauseous while surrounded by a large crowd. Perhaps becoming accustomed to isolation had lead to an expansion of what she deemed her personal space, thus making her uncomfortable when people got close to her. But there was a sense of security in just knowing they were there. Knowing there were others in the world, even if they weren't nearby. Even if they weren't people she knew. It was comforting. It was the source of her calmness in any given situation.

But it wouldn't stop her from striking those unknown people down in pursuit of her goals. There would always be more beyond them, after all.

When she glanced down from the sky, her home was already in sight. She had wound through the familiar mess of streets and houses that made up the residential area while lost in thought. She raised her hand to open the door--

Only to have it click and slowly open on it's own, producing a rasping creak as it did. There was no one beyond the door, but only one person would have been here to do so. She stepped on inside, lightly kicking the door closed behind her as she'd always done. It's hinges were silent this time. She glanced around as she slipped out of her shoes.

"Assassin." Her tone was cool, distant, and demanding a response.

"Yes, Kogane?" The man's amused voice came from directly behind her, near the door she'd just entered.

"Kogane-sama." Her voice cracked with irritation. His choice of positioning was interesting, but unimportant. She didn't bother turning around. "It's a little early, but fix me something to eat. We've got things to discuss."


Hmph. Completely unphased. His Master was proving to be surprisingly difficult to unnerve. It was getting to the point that Assassin found himself making a conscious effort to do so whenever the opportunity arose.

The girl stalked into the dining room ahead of him. He followed after an annoyed pause. "I thought you'd be out looking for--" a split second's hesitation as he turned the corner to find her already seated at the table, "--a new job today," sipping from a glass of tea he'd brewed and poured for himself. A few angry voices trickled into his thoughts, suggesting various methods of torture. Briefly imagining a few of them served to be enough to lighten his mood, though it wasn't anywhere near as satisfying as the real act would be.

"Forgive me, please," the girl was crying from her place at the table. An elation filled him upon hearing the words, and he found himself smiling as he walked past her toward the kitchen.

"It's an English tea. I managed to procure it during the hunt last night." He gave a natural enough response. Perhaps he should have poisoned the tea. But poison wasn't really to his liking. It wasn't intimate enough.

"B-but, I didn't mean... Please, please don't... Someone..." She sobbed hysterically behind him. Somehow, it seemed like the two sides of their conversation weren't matching up.

He went back into the dining room with a steaming cup of noodles on his tray. The girl had her eye closed, apparently savoring the scent and flavor of the beverage in her hand. "Naturally. After all, the more mana I have, the better I can perform." No, they were definitely conflicting with each other. This discussion was making less and less sense the longer it lasted. It was absolutely hilarious.

Kogane fixed Assassin with a harsh glare as he put the tray on the table in front of her, which was actually just her normal expression. She mouthed words at him, but all he heard were mindless, pained, delightful cries for help. It didn't even seem like her voice anymore. He stepped back, turning to face out the window so he could enjoy her pleas without having them at odds with the girl's expression.

"Of course. I'll look into it while I'm out tonight."

He watched the sun as it slowly sunk toward the horizon, the faint reflection of himself in the glass giving the sky beyond it a mad smile.


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Post  Akeii on Tue Nov 24, 2009 2:17 am

It was evening. The school had become strangely silent, giving an almost forlorn impression with its lack of people: Tomiya city's recent incidents had not gone unheeded.

Wind whipped constantly about on the building's rooftop, giving sign of winter's gradual onset into the city. It was getting colder, and the sky was different. Earlier on some thicker clouds had sparsely populated the heavens - but now the thin, wispy variety always signifying change in the weather had replaced them. As a result, the setting sun permeated the scenery at an early hour, bathing everything in an orange, almost arcane glow.

Victor stood on top of the building. He gazed methodically down into the visible streets surrounding the school, simultaneously scanning for danger and memorizing the visible routes to and from the school. After a moment he folded his arms in thought, his dark blue trenchcoat whipping erratically in the breeze.

"Archer... who do you think they are?"

The same red-haired, green-eyed woman he had met days earlier abruptly appeared next to him, her athletically cut black-and-red floral dress settling down around her. She pouted and made a face.

"Aww. And I was just about to scare you just before you started talking!"

"Aren't you full of surprises," replied Victor drily. He couldn't help but smile, however. "Now answer my question. Or maybe you don't know either?"

"There's no need to say that! I don't know because I'm choosing not to!" She pointed a finger at him. "I don't want to get any nasty surprises later on, so don't blame me if you make the wrong assumptions and some 8th-grader ends up killing you!"

"All right; all right, I give up." He held up his hands in mock surrender. "All the same, I have to make my report this evening. I don't have the time to talk to you, so go practice on the targets in the shooting range. You need the experience."

Victor tried to duck the well-aimed rock thrown in his direction, but it hit him anyway.


He leaned against the rooftop wall, cell phone in hand. Victor gave it an incomprehensible look before raising it to his ears.

"Kazu Hachi calling, Kazu Hachi calling. I repeat - this is Shokyuu."

"... a-ah, Shokyuu! I apologize for for the delay; I'll connect you to the central station immediately..."

"It's fine." Victor waited a few moments before the familiar crackle of static told him he had been shifted to a secure line.

A young woman's voice, cold and confident, greeted him. "Oh? You're rather early for your report."

"I try to be punctual. More importantly, I've made a list of possible Masters in Tomiya. Current evidence tells me that the most likely ones might be located in close proximity to me."

"Anything else?"

"There have been no further developments."

"Hmm. I think you've forgotten something. Perhaps if I mentioned your 'demonstration' today you might begin to remember? You're quite the subject of debate over here, I might add. Did you really have to go so far?"

"A calculated move. I had to take risks to gather the information I needed."

A short pause. "All right. Some are calling your actions indiscrete, but you're off the hook for now. Shokyuu, was it? Your codename fits your actions." Victor couldn't tell whether that was a compliment or not.

"By the way, I'll let you know something. The Mage's Association recently sent out a representative. Looks like he's a relative of your hero Kotomine, too - can you prepare yourself to kill him?"

Victor froze. "... And if I choose not to?"

"Pah. You should know it's not my style to babysit subordinates. Do whatever seems best. We'll send you his profile; the fellow honestly believes he can own a public cell phone without being traced. Then again, so do you." The line snapped and grew quiet, signaling the end of the talk.

Victor stood up slowly from the wall. Archer immediately walked out to greet him.


He gave her a wry smile. "You heard it all, didn't you? Well, I suppose that's all right. You had to find out eventually." For once she gave no response.

"But you know what? I think I'll take up my leader's offer for freedom."
Victor flipped his cell phone open again, this time looking carefully through his contacts. He made a secure call.

"Kotomine Akashi, is it? I suspect you're wondering who's calling, but I'll keep that a secret for now. Meet me at the Caffé Veloce in the commercial district if you want answers." He turned off his cell without waiting for a reply.

"Let's leave, Archer. It's time we started moving."

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Re: Episode One (Oct 5th, Monday - Day)

Post  Essono on Tue Nov 24, 2009 7:08 pm

Kaito's eyes still felt as though they were spinning within his skull, but atleast he had regained his vision. Caster was peering out the window next to him and he was sitting on his bed peering at the map on his lap. It was a simple map of the city, labeled with any boundary fields or exceptional sources of mana Caster had found so far. The results were unsatisfactory, but expected since they had only checked the path from the hotel to school and back.

Kaito sighed and rolled over until he rolled off of the bed and onto his feet. He wasn't worried about his own ability to supply mana, as he was confident in his ability as a magi, he simply wanted insurance and perhaps an advantage. He made his way to the small bathroom included with his suite produced two aspirin from his cabinet and grabbed his jacket from the nearby closet. "Caster, We're heading out" he shouted and his servant obliged.


After a ride in a city bus Kaito arrived near his destination. Which was, ironically the school he had just left. As far as Kaito knew, there was at least one other magi family in town but so far he had yet to find out who exactly it was. As such he had always been especially careful using magic when away from the bounded field around his hotel. His destination, the forest, was his one other safe haven in the city, it too was was covered in a bounded field, though this one was considerably smaller than the one around his home.

Kaito followed around the outer perimeter of the school cautiously, he reached the edge of the forest and entered without stopping. Every time he entered this place he shivered. The mana radiating from the ley point in the nearby temple could be felt even this far away. Even caster seemed to take notice.

Deep within the forest was a simple house that had once belonged to a hermit-like old man. The man had taught Kaito much of what he knew about explosives, from their assembly, to how to trigger them, and even gave him the name of a man from whom he could get supplies. However the man discovered, due to a small accident, that Kaito was a magi. He could still see it, he had reacted quickly firing off a spell before he even knew what spell to pick. His hands...That was the first life he ever took and the bloodiest one he ever hoped to commit. Explosions were much cleaner, a body singed or even destroyed by a bomb makes for a much easier clean up. Kaito had disposed of the body that was... In a torrent of flames created by a simple ring of pipe bombs. The hermit's blood was cleansed by that which he loved and Kaito gained a good place tostudy... win-win situation right?.


Kaito forced himself away from his memory as he sensed the entrance to his bounded field. The field functioned as warning as well as a way to keep others from finding him. The ground around the house was set with many different types of mines both man made and magical. While he knew they would be useless against a servant, they could at least serve as a warning, and if he was lucky, kill the master before he had to fight. The path through the mine field was rather complex but the boy had memorized it and passed through with ease. He arrived at his workshop the place in which he studied magic and explosives. "Until the end of the war," he said suddenly "this will serve as both our home and base if you don't mind" he smiled knowing Caster wouldn't object.

"Master" she replied back surprising him "I believe we should begin going over strategies". Kaito sat dumbfounded, that was the longest sentence she had formed since her summoning.

He blinked a few times before realizing "All of the servants have been summoned?" he asked with a grim expression.

Caster closed her eyes and bowed her head solemnly "That, I am unsure of"

Kaito sighed "Then we have ti-"

"Master what do you assume of me?" Caster replied. Her master simply blinked back 'her monotone hasn't changed' he thought. Caster lowered her head doing something almost like a sigh "I am not like saber or archer" Kaito nodded back simply "Of course, I didn't know which you would be summoned as but I knew Saber was out of the question for you". Caster was unphased she simply continued to speak "As such I am not one to sit and wait for action to come, while I may be better in that respect than previous casters, If I go into a battle as we are I will lose, you may even say that unprepared I would be about as useful as an ordinary magus"

Kaito hadn't been prepared for her to be so blunt, he had brought her here due to it's abundance of mana and figured everything would work itself out. His idea of preparation, after all, was all of the bombs he had set beforehand. "That bad huh?.. Ok, Ok I get it so how do we prepare?" Caster reached into her hair and removed a small hair clip. "We'll begin at the gate of the end"
Kaito could only stand in awe as the air around him began to shift.[center]

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Re: Episode One (Oct 5th, Monday - Day)

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