Servant Saber

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Servant Saber

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Class: Saber
Name: Niten Dōraku
Gender: Male
Alignment: True Neutral
Height/Weight: 183cm 91kg

Description: Niten Dōraku is a very imposing man. His muscular frame is wrapped in a deep red robe, over which a black vest is draped over his shoulders and chest. His hair is long and often tied back, though his shorter strands tend to remain free of this and will wave wildly in the breeze. He carries two swords in scabbards on his left hip, one long and one short. His eyes are sharp, wolf-like, and seem to stare deep into a person's mind. His unshaven face carries with it an easy smile, the duality of which is either the friendliest in the world, or so vicious as to be the last thing an opponent will see before their life ends.

Personality: Niten takes no pains to conceal his name from others involved in the Holy Grail War. In fact, his habit of giving his name just before a duel is an implication of honor on his part.

His actual personality is a duality which crops up frequently in unusual ways. When relaxed and free of strife, his attitude is congenial, casual, and even quite humorous at times. He enjoys writing, as well as painting in the traditional "broken ink" school which deals primarily in landscapes, and will become fast friends with those who give sincere compliments or criticism. He enjoys a good debate when presented well.

In battle and times of formality, Niten becomes the very epitome of the ancient samurai warrior. His speech becomes formal, his manner serious and unfathomable. Although he will adhere to most formal codes of conduct at this time, there are notable exceptions to this rule. Niten will use whatever advantages he can at his disposal in order to win a battle, and fully expects others to follow this example. This makes him an incredibly difficult opponent in the best of conditions.

Noble Phantasm: A (A+) (???)

Class Abilities:

Bravery (B) - Niten is granted great resistance to adverse effects thanks to his class. If he is greatly pressed, his strength will rise by one rank for the duration of the battle.

Eye of the Mind (C+) - This is resistance to visual interference and the capacity to understand the nature of battle. It is a combination of prescience, an innate talent for sensing danger, and the ability to form precise judgments developed through extensive experience and training.

Magic Resistance (B) - The Saber class power gives Niten a considerable resistance to magical attacks.

Mana Burst (D) - Niten's Mana Burst is far less powerful than that of previous Saber classes, though it is certainly not a force to be taken lightly. When activated, his body and weapon(s) are immersed in energy which is unleashed from either a strike or a parry. This effect can marginally damage even a Servant's weapon, though it's more likely to disarm them if they are taken by surprise.

Personal Abilities:

Battle Continuation (A+) - Niten can continue a battle even when greatly wounded with little to no diminished abilities. Should there be a need to do so, he will almost never stop fighting until either he or his enemies have perished.

Eternal Arms Mastership (A) - Niten can use up to three Noble Phantasms that are not his own, or increase the damage output of an ordinary object to match a Noble Phantasm of Rank B. Unlike most with this skill, however, Niten can not use machines to their intended effect. He could, however, wield a firearm as if it were a weapon in itself provided it has the physical dimensions to be used as such.

Protection from Arrows (B) - Even during life Niten learned the ability to defend against projectiles as well as blades. As long as he can see his attacker, he gains a much higher significance of deflecting arrows, bullets, and the like during combat.

Throwing (C) - Though uncommon, Niten can and will throw nearly any weapon with a fair amount of accuracy and power. These can be as small as pebbles or as large as his secondary Noble Phantasm (See below). He does not have very many projectiles on his person, however; only about four shurikens at any time.

Heart of Harmony (D) - Niten's full attack power is so smooth and natural that he can change the form of his attacks in the blink of an eye. This makes it harder for opponents to read his moves. A thorough study of his style will, however, reduce or negate this ability.

Item Construction - Niten can not create magical items. This refers to his ability to craft weapons and armor out of nearly any readily available material. This can, of course, be used in conjunction with his Eternal Arms Mastership ability.

Noble Phantasm:

The duality is again presented in this category. Niten carries two Noble Phantasms which are linked by his mana:

The first is Setsuninto, a sword that resembles either a katana or a longsword. When it resembles a longsword, it has the additional power of being swung with both hands. When used in concert with his second weapon, it resembles a katana, and will never be used with two hands. Setsuninto will almost always (85%) be a katana when a battle begins, and Niten seems reluctant to switch to its longsword form. By itself, it is a B-rank weapon.

The second is Katsujinken, a wakizashi. It is designed to be used in Niten's off-hand, and cannot be used very well by itself (C). It can, however, be thrown with one or both hands, and is just as capable of parrying blows as its companion sword. He will use this by itself to spar, or if he feels like "taking it easy" on an opponent, which is rare.

Niten is a master of his own style called the Hyōhō Niten Ichi-ryū, or "Two Heavens as One." In other words, he is more deadly handling two weapons than one. It gives him greater power and agility, and provides quite a surprise if he switches to his true style in the middle of a battle. This is even more true if the opponent has never witnessed his combat prowess.

Since they are actually a single Noble Phantasm, the following abilities only apply when Setsuninto and Katsujinken are used in conjunction:

-Niten's agility is raised from B to A
-Noble Phantasm is raised from A to A+ (Both weapons effectively hold this rank)
-Heart of Harmony is usable
-Mana Burst is usable (Setsuninto only)

Noble Phantasm 3: ??? (Does it even exist?)


Niten speaks little of his history, though of course he has interacted with very few due to the circumstances of the wars. It is easy to tell that he is a veteran of many battles, and that he has extensive knowledge of both combat and ancient Japanese lore. This would imply that he is a fairly old spirit, though he is familiar enough with the modern world to communicate effectively. He is an excellent swordsman and nearly as excellent a teacher. Again, a result of the duality which seems to encompass him in nearly every aspect.

(I found this picture, but if anyone has a better envisioning of Niten, feel free to draw up some artwork.)


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