Akashi Kotomine

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Akashi Kotomine

Post  Guest on Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:32 pm

Description: Akashi is a tall and lean fellow, with short-cropped black hair and a lined face that is almost perpetually serious and thoughtful. He favors a black coat, white shirt, and black pants. He thinks it makes him look rather cool. He also wears sunglasses when it's practical.

Personality: Though he rarely smiles, Akashi is a fairly personable man. It is a part of his job, after all, to get along with people, and most will view him as a very thorough individual. He is very dependable, and keeps his word when given no matter the circumstances.

History: Akashi Kotomine is a distant relative of the more infamous Kirei Kotomine. Though he carries some depression from the history of that ill-fated family, Akashi shares little of the evil qualities which so marred his cousin.

Akashi was raised under the tenets of the Mages' Association, and is a magus himself. He will rarely use his magic except when necessary, especially since he is a go-between to the "normal" world.

Currently, the detective is on his way to Tomiya City with orders to investigate the area. The reason, of course, is tied to the recent murders which bear a striking resemblance to the ones which preceded the previous Holy Grail Wars.

(Again, I found this picture on Google. But this one some of you should recognize. If anyone can think of a better picture for Akashi, please let me know.)


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