Enter the Detective (Akashi intro)

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Enter the Detective (Akashi intro)

Post  Guest on Tue Oct 20, 2009 3:06 am

The city of Tomiya was rather remote, it seemed. It was getting past noon and still nothing but forests and mountains.

Akashi Kotomine had been driving for the better part of the daylight hours, having left his apartment in the outskirts of Fuyuki City at about dawn. Initially he had reported to his prefecture's police department as usual, though he received a call on his phone en route that he was being directed to another assignment that would require an extended leave from the city.

So, he had turned around after being halfway to work and packed a trunk with some clothing, toiletries, and other such necessities. Fortunately, his "talents" enabled him to fit just a bit more into one suitcase than most people can fit in three, and with just as much weight as if he were traveling for a day at the beach. He took special care to put his laptop in a safe portion of the trunk, even though he rarely had a use for it. He also holstered his Beretta M9 on his hip, a hand-me-down from his father.

After preparing himself for the trip, Akashi drove once more to the police station, where he was given his assignment: Investigate the murders in Tomiya City, and brief the public on the situation as reported. The first destination upon arrival would be the local school. The police chief had promised to call ahead to the principal of the school in order to prepare an assembly of students. The actual day was not set; it could be the same afternoon Akashi arrived, or the end of the week. Either the chief would call him on his way there, or else Akashi and the principal would arrange a time themselves.

Still, Akashi thought to himself ruefully as he sipped a tepid cup of coffee, the hard part may just be getting to Tomiya City. So few people even live there nowadays.

As if on cue, Akashi's red corvette rounded a curve in the road, and there it was nestled neatly in the trees. He had to admit it looked rather beautiful, especially the sun glistening off of the pristine lake in the middle of the city. The buildings were still difficult to see at this distance, but there was a noticeable lack of traffic in either direction on the main thoroughfare into and out of the city.

First order of business, check in at the school.

Suddenly, a deep and grating growl echoed from Akashi's stomach. He winced.

Second order of business, find a cheeseburger and fries.


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Re: Enter the Detective (Akashi intro)

Post  Guest on Wed Oct 28, 2009 11:41 pm

As he hit the initial outskirts of town, Akashi felt a tense constriction in his chest. The sudden jolt as he drew near the area of the city containing the school was enough to make him slam on his brakes, pulling over as his breath drew in sharply. It wasn't age, fortunately, nor was it the result of sore muscles or imagined paranoia. It was basic training as a magus.

There is an incredible amount of magic in this place? But the way it's disbursed is...

In some places, particularly those involving intense events such as massive deaths, the power of individual minds experiencing a great emotion all at once can give rise to magical energies. This is not the only case in which magic exists, of course, though it is the most common.

Whether or not this place had seen such a large scale of death... which would explain the emptiness of the area... or was simply a leyline of magic was impossible to discern.

Akashi swallowed dryly, turning around and heading back to that market district he drove through previously. He wasn't quite prepared to take on this investigation on an empty stomach.

In a matter of minutes, the constriction in his chest eased into a memory. As he drove through town, he saw a sign for a rather delicious-smelling building, the bright red "resutoranto" sign below its name reminding him briefly of ketchup. He parked immediately, stretching his legs as he got out of his car.

"Jill's Sandwiches?" Akashi read the sign slowly, then shrugged, since there was actually an illustration of a burger on one of the windows.


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