Episode Two (Oct 5th/6th - Night)

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Seeing Off the Enamored

Post  Ferios on Sat Jan 09, 2010 1:33 am

Kogane shook her head, a gesture of mere disapproval.

"She won't like that."

But she wasn't going to fight the issue. Serizawa would doubtlessly come back on her own accord. Kogane briefly debated saying more or giving the Servant a reason, but decided it wasn't worth letting potentially fatal details slip. Instead she kept her eyes on the girl, only looking up when Assassin came back down the stairs with the items he was sent to fetch. She briskly stood and went to claim the blanket and medical kit, careful of the giant Servant on her way past. Somehow it was surprising that the blanket wasn't off of her own bed.

"A change of clothes, too. Bottom drawer of my dresser." She told her Servant, letting her back speak dismissal as she returned to the injured girl. She felt more than heard Assassin leaving again.

Kogane knelt again, going about the repetitive task of nursing the girl she'd previously tortured. Cleaning the cuts with disinfectant, bandaging the larger ones. Some of the wounds should have been surtured back together, but sewing was not one of Kogane's better skills. Certainly not one she would try on human flesh.

On further examination, Serizawa's face wasn't as bad as it could have been. The scar down her eye had been reopened rather deeply, but given that the eye beneath the tissue was useless anyway, there shouldn't be much of a problem beyond pain. It wasn't going to harm her beauty any more than it already had. The girl's left wrist was probably sprained, as well. Her dominant hand, or so Kogane seemed to remember. Sprains weren't anything she could do much about with her supplies, but she'd wrapped both wrists to stop the bleeding anyway.

When Kogane was finished, the girl was reminiscent of a mummy. There were cloth bandages wrapped about her neck and diagonally around her head to cover her scarred eye, as well as a few places on the rest of her body. Not the best work in the world, but it would have to do.

Assassin had returned and left a small pile of clothes nearby. He stood with his arms crossed leaning against the far wall, Kogane noted, somehow managing to look the part of a brooding hero with glasses. Kogane stood to briefly inspect the clothes, nodding in approval. A bit larger than her own. They should fit, since they were... From...

Kogane found herself staring blankly as she put the second sock on Serizawa's other foot. She blinked, reaching up to wipe sweat from her forehead onto the sleeve of her already plenty dirty school uniform. Caring for someone was more tiring than she'd thought it would be. For the moment, she wanted nothing more than a steaming bath. She cast the rest of the clothing on top of the unconscious girl, then wrapped her tightly in the blanket. Serizawa could put the rest of it on herself, provided she ever woke up.

Kogane stood, looking up at the armored giant as she did. She spoke quietly to it, her words lacking both fear and the malice one would associate with a threat. "If you let her get hurt, I will hunt you down." Then she turned and stalked toward the basement's exit. Toward the relative insecurity of her own Servant and the rest of her home.

"Try to destroy as little of the wall as you can when you leave."


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Re: Episode Two (Oct 5th/6th - Night)

Post  Akeii on Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:02 am

Steady... steady....

Victor watched the detective's motions as the man slowly made his way towards the doors. Even he had to admit that the cop was good. From the way Kotomine Akashi moved, it was just as if nothing whatsoever had changed since Victor's call. Unfazed and unhurried - the mark of a true professional. Of course, it also marked several other distinctive qualities as well, which weren't exactly ones that could be sensed by sight alone. Some prior knowledge had helped in the process.

Any second now... Aha. Here he comes.

Kotomine's eyes glanced up and gazed directly into Victor's. As a response, Victor gave a short nod in affirmation before turning his attention once again to stirring his second cappuccino, which for the second time he had no intention of drinking. He wasn't planning to remain jittery for the rest of this night. Nor any of the other ones, for that matter.

When Victor looked up again, he saw Kotomine standing in front of his table. It was time for a greeting.

"Ah, Konbanwa, Hideki-san!" - at this he gave Kotomine a meaningful look - "It's so good to see you again! I apologize for requesting a meeting at such a late hour, but my office closes rather late. Please, please sit."

He noticed Akashi glancing at Archer, as anticipated. Her face hadn't changed since she put on the sunglasses. "I see you've noticed my bodyguard. She's necessary for business, you must understand. Standard company regulations. Have you had a look at the menu? The coffee here is excellent, but I favor this place for the atmosphere."

When he saw Akashi beginning to raise an eyebrow in disbelief, Victor lowered his voice. "All right, Kotomine. I'll dispense with the formalities here. I know you're not here to enjoy the scenery. Before you make any response, I want you to hear me out before you start asking questions. That's the most efficient method." Kotomine had made no reply yet, so Victor went on. "Two words: Grail War. We both have our contact networks, and I sure as hell know you're not as clueless as you make yourself out to be."

"That being said," Victor continued, "there's only one way I could possibly know all this about you, correct? And yes, you're exactly right. I'll hold on to the details until I hear your response. But as an expression of trust I'll give you my name right now: Victor Ortensia."

"You're not new to this material, so I'll keep things short as possible. This is the Sixth War. What I've been trying to uncover is this: what has changed since the Fifth? I have a feeling most Masters will simply fight along, but we both know there has to be more to it than that. For example, is this even the same Grail? And what container will it have this time? For both of us, winning is currently secondary to the information we need to find. And we both need to find it fast."

"And now, about you. Either you already know your true assignment, or you're going to get it soon. You might feel rather prepared set up the way you are right now. But the Association has a way of making mistakes, don't you think? I hear the last one they sent had her arms cut off and her body stashed away before the action even began."

An short beeping came from Victor's phone. He glanced sharply down at it in disbelief before turning back to Akashi. "And if you look at this map on my phone right now - " Victor showed him a display with a pulsing red area in the residential districts - "One of my contacts has already discovered a steady stream of emitted mana in these vicinities. Something's happened. I can't tell what it is yet, but it's something big." He pressed several keys on his phone. The beeping stopped.

"That man had better start moving or he'll be dead before he knows it. I don't intend to share his fate, and my guess is that you don't either. And soon I might even have to get rid of these contacts as well, because all the mind games mages play tend to make a network give off more information than what it gains. Now that you know the situation, I'm asking that we cooperate, or at best form a truce. I'll even wait for you to find a Servant. What do you think?"

There were a few questions, of course, that Victor had been waiting for Akashi to ask in particular. He waited to see what the outcome was.

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Re: Episode Two (Oct 5th/6th - Night)

Post  Guest on Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:49 pm

(For those of you who have not finished the Fate/Stay series, there will be some spoilers in this post. Ye be warned.)

Akashi allowed his mind to calm, diverting the confusion and disbelief he heard at Victor's words and thinking through each section. He sat in a chair across from the man, the eyes of his "bodyguard" noticeably tracing his every move. He had no doubt that if the woman was a Servant, she could kill him six times before he could so much as draw his gun from his holster.

Violence was the last thing on the detective's mind, of course. Rather, what came to the fore was the eyes of Kirei Kotomine. His kin's brown eyes, once bright and friendly, were barely recognizable in the interim between the previous two Holy Grail wars. It was as if all brilliance had been snuffed from his cousin's soul, leaving a dark and glimmering oblivion through which only lightless life could exist.

Akashi had been so busy at the time. The Association was in turmoil over global matters of conflict, both from within and without its own ranks. And, lost in the chaos, was the final time the detective and the priest had eaten together.

It was Akashi's first and last trip to Fuyuki City. The entire place had given him a strange feeling that he now knew was the aura of deep supernatural magic unique to traces of the Grail. Even in the faux French restaurant at which the two men ate, the energy was stifling, practically water in the lungs.

Accompanying the two men had been a little dark-haired girl with intense blue eyes, not any more than eight years old. She said nothing to Akashi, and Kirei offered no introduction for her beyond simply, "This is my pupil, Tohsaka Rin. She will be coming with us."

"Wakarimashita," Akashi assented. And then they had traveled, waited for their food, and eaten in near total silence.

The evening had wore on quickly. Akashi was in a hurry to attend to other matters, and had only accepted the invitation because of the deadpan tone of Kirei's voice over the phone. Seeing the soulless gaze of his cousin further worried Akashi, but he would not force the man's thoughts from him.

Finally, however, as the small child named Rin drifted to sleep in the comfortable booth, the priest spoke. "Akashi."


"If you could create something eternal, whatever the cost, would you do so?" Kirei's eyes, like opaque brown glass, never strayed from Akashi's as he spoke chilling words.

Akashi hesitated, and that hesitation showed clearly enough for Kirei to speak again without answer. "Good. Evil. It is rather... tiring after a time. One can spring from the other without the slightest intention. None of it makes sense. The only neutral forces, in and of themselves, are life and death."

The memory faded, as he brought himself back to the present. He decided that, at the least, he could cooperate with Victor for now. He had no idea if he would summon a Servant, for his primary purpose was to discover the source of the murders, and put a stop to it if possible. If the murderer was a Master, it would be very difficult... and if it was in fact a Servant...

...Then it could very well be impossible. But I have a duty, and I will not abandon it.

"I will work with you on this matter, Ortensia-san. However, remember that even though I am of the Association, I am also a true police detective. If you do anything illegal, I will have to arrest you." He glanced at the stoic redheaded woman, a crooked smile crossing his face as his gaze returned to Victor. "Servant or no Servant. Am I clear?"


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The Fool

Post  Ferios on Wed Jan 20, 2010 6:51 am

"Your beloved Daisuke has returned!"

Daisuke closed the door behind him and looked blearily around the darkened, silent entryway of his home.

"What, no fanfares and energetic greeting?" He sighed and sat down to remove his shoes, setting the small paper bag he'd carried home down on the floor next to him. Even doing that was painful; his arms were still burning from all the slave labor he'd been roped into.

"If I don't at least get an--"

"Okaeri." The hall light came on and his mother's gentle voice interrupted him.

"Kaa-san." He squinted up at her, just to confirm the features that resembled his own (only much prettier and more feminine, with a braid over one shoulder and a beauty mark under an eye), and went back to fumbling at his shoelaces. "Just in time. The hero of the story was about to fall into depression with nobody to greet him. And he could really use a massage."

"My... Did they overwork you again?" He had meant it as a joke, but when she laid her hands on his shoulders and began to rub the stiffness out of them, he somehow didn't feel like telling her so. Instead, he made the most exaggerated aah noise he could.

"Marry me."

"That's a pretty troublesome proposition." Even against such inane requests from her own son, the woman was too kind to outright refuse. At least she sounded amused. Daisuke sighed dejectedly, finally managing to slip his shoes off, and pretended to clean his glasses on his shirt in order to prolong the massage.

"They sent me hiking to Nigeria for cheese. It was pretty terrible." He placed his shoes upside-down on either side of the neat row produced by the other two pairs in the entryway. There wasn't any particular reason for it. It just seemed inappropriate enough to do.

"Did you find it? The Nigerian cheese."

"Well.. I discovered a cheese... And several new strains of Bird Flu. You could call it a success." This kind of discussion had become pretty commonplace in this household. His mother, Keiko, was the kind of woman who would go along with the tall tales people told her rather than outright dismissing them. She had to have known better, probably, but it was relaxing for the both of them to indulge in Daisuke's habit. A confirmation of normality.

He finally stood up again, tucking the paper bag under one arm and hugging his mother briefly. "What are you still doing up, anyway? Don't you have work in a few hours?"

"I only just got your sister to bed. She was adamant about staying up until you got back. Something about a broken promise."

... Oops. "A-ah. That. Man, what a troublesome girl.." Keiko studied his reaction, then sighed and shook her head in disapproval.

"I know you probably didn't mean to break it, but.. Girls are sensitive, Daisuke. You should apologize as soon as possible."

"Yeah... I know." He cleared his throat and found himself bowing his head guiltily, shuffling the paper bag into his hands. "We were just so busy, there was no way I could come home early."

After a moment, his mother smiled again. "Well, Nigeria is a long way away. She'll probably forgive you." She turned toward the stairs leading up to the second floor, where all the bedrooms were. "Get some sleep for school in the morning. No wasting time on the internet."

Daisuke smiled wryly, forcing his aching body to follow her. "Somehow, I don't think that will be an issue. Besides, I can fall asleep in seconds. Even standing and with someone rubbing onions into my eyes. Didn't I win an award for it once?"

"That was your sister, actually. When you told her I put onion slices on my eyes at night to stay beautiful."

"Oh. Right."


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Re: Episode Two (Oct 5th/6th - Night)

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