Monster Mash: Let's Play Castlevania for the NES!

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Monster Mash: Let's Play Castlevania for the NES!

Post  Guest on Thu Dec 24, 2009 11:28 pm

Hey everyone, and welcome to my Let's Play of Castlevania. The game itself is about three years younger than I am, so I guess that means it's ancient history by now.

I'm going to be uploading each stage to my Youtube account as we go. Links will be available at the bottom of each reply. So, without further ado, let's rock.

Unlike some of the other titles, we go straight to Castlevania from the get-go.

I guess Dracula was feeling lazy back in the eighties.

The lovely lawn.

That red thing is the whip upgrade. You start with a fairly sucky little whip until you pick up two of these, and then you're in business. Each one makes your whip stronger and a little bit longer. Fortunately, you only have to collect them again if you die.

Totally kicking the candles' asses.

The Dagger! Also known as "that fucking thing that stole my boomerang." The Dagger flies straight forward, and technically has the best horizontal range. It'll break upon hitting an enemy, and does less damage than the whip. Until Richter Belmont gets his meaty man-hands around this subweapon, it's useless in the Castlevania series.

I'm goin' in!

Barry: A dining room!

The basic money bag, that red sack on the floor, and some Zombies. Neither are especially remarkable; the bag gives points, which yields a 1-up eventually. The Zombies just walk forward until they wander off screen or you kill them.

I usually prefer the latter. Also, notice that it looks like Simon just beat the crap out of those things because the whip didn't show up in the screenshot.

Hearts! The little floaty ones like this are worth 1 heart. Their only purpose is to power your subweapon and they're literally everywhere, so don't be stingy in using your weapon of choice.

I ditched the Dagger of Suckiness for a Stopwatch subweapon. It'll freeze regular enemies for several seconds, and even slows down certain bosses. They're fairly rare, though, and their heart cost is hefty.

That Panther up there is bad news.

Well... it would be if its depth perception was a little better.


That thing I'm hopping over is the Holy Water subweapon. It falls on the ground, burns for a second or two, then disappears. Useful in certain situations, but this stage isn't one of them.

The Panthers really weren't smart back then.

You... go get 'em, Panther.

Giant windows. More Zombies.

Floating above my head at this very moment is a Cross. It isn't a subweapon, but if you touch it then every enemy on screen is destroyed.


Coming up next, a door transition!

Is your heart racing yet?

Upon fully changing screens, all candles and enemies will just sort of pop into existence.

That poor creature I'm about to murder is a Bat. They're usually easy to dodge or dispatch, but they can be very, very, very annoying in certain situations. Fortunately, this isn't one of them.

Castlevania pot roast! Eating this will heal your life up to full. They're usually hidden inside of walls. Nintendo logic at its finest.

Mermen! They jump out of the water, walk back and forth for a few seconds, and then spew a fireball in your general direction. I believe they also fall back into the water eventually, but I never let them live long enough to find out.

Ooh, a money-

-bag. Crying or Very sad

A big heart. And should I wish to enjoy the water section again, I may jump off this wall. Let's not, however. It's a silly place.

Masterful Cross placement at work! Take that non-existent enemies! Now you're all extinct!

The Bat mocks me on my way out.

More dining room madness.

Fortunately, Zombies can't climb stairs.

That yellow bottle is a potion invisibility/invincibility. It turns Simon invisible and also makes enemies run through him, so that's why it's both. It lasts about five to ten seconds, sadly.

Fairly non-eventful stage.

...Hmm? Is something up on the ceiling?

It looks pretty pissed off, but maybe it'll just stay there if I leave it alone.

Ah good, the door. Let's go on and-


The first boss of the series! Giant Bat! It likes to float around lazily for a few seconds, pause, then swoop toward my general direction.

No time for that, though, I have something I'd like to axe it!

Oof. My first damage of the game.

More axes!

More oof!

One more axe seals the deal.

And then some... orb... thing... appears out of nowhere and falls to the floor.

Simon TAKES that sonnuvabitch.

The end. Kind of a dry first start, eh?

Stay tuned for chapter 2!



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Re: Monster Mash: Let's Play Castlevania for the NES!

Post  Guest on Sat Dec 26, 2009 8:35 pm

Welcome to stage 2. This will likely be a short update as not a whole lot happened in this one.

Up above my head is a knight and a blue bat. The bat's the same old story, but the knight has the dual threat of being slow AND moving in a predictable pattern. They take two smacks instead of one, though.

Boomerang get! This little beauty has been my favorite in any number of Castlevania games. When you throw it, it'll fly to the other end of the screen, then fly back to you as boomerangs are of the nature to do. You can also dodge it to let it fly behind you, which can be incredibly useful in certain situations.

Simon pauses to have a staring contest with the blue bat.

Simon won.

In case you're curious as to what's going on, I threw a boomerang at that bat as it flew toward me. I missed, however, and got a faceful of wing as the boomerang helpfully destroyed the hanging candles containing money bags.

Another room, another story.

Medusa heads. Why did there have to be Medusa heads. Those little suckers will come flying at you from either side of the screen, weaving up and down in an attempt to slam Simon. There's some examples of incredible acrobatics on my part in the video... as well as some less than proud moments.

That'll hurt in the morning.

The door's right up there, but we have to move around the room first.

Hidden pot roast ahoy!

This Medusa head cheated. I was jumping to that door and it came out JUST as I was over there. This'll happen every once in a while.

You may have also noticed I have the stopwatch again. It was mostly accidental, but it'll prove useful later on.

Murdering candles

Spike traps which will slay you in a single hit

Dragon pillars are the next new enemy. They'll flash red and spit out a couple of fireballs in your direction. They take about six hits to destroy. Not a problem if you have a fully upgraded whip, but you have to time your hits carefully with lesser models so that the fireballs don't go through your whip and hit you.

This handy little item I'm floating above will allow Simon to throw two of his subweapon instead of one. Two boomerangs, two axes, you name it. Sadly, there's no way to toss out two stopwatches, so the game treats this powerup as a 700 point money bag.

Super Mario Bros, this ain't.

What's this? Some sort of art room?

Well, the door's right there, guess I'll just-


Simon flashes invisible when hit, so that's why he's not pictured.

The Medusa here is basically a floating head that will drift toward you while little snakes travel along the floor and attack you. The snakes are dispatched with one hit, but there's one little secret about this boss: Medusa is fully susceptible to the stopwatch. Observe!

Bam, dead boss.

Another boss, another odd red orb.

Well, that's the end of stage 2!


Also, you may notice an enemy in the video which I didn't talk about here. The little wispy skeleton things. They're called ghosts. I didn't get a good screencap of them, but you'll be able to see for yourself how daunting a foe they are.


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Re: Monster Mash: Let's Play Castlevania for the NES!

Post  Guest on Sun Dec 27, 2009 2:07 am

Well, on we go to stage 3. Things are going to get a lot more difficult a lot faster from here on in. Ready to suffer?

It starts out innocently enough. A bunch of ruined architecture, some candles...

Then BAM! Flea men! These little red monsters are usually not too bad, as they die in one hit, but sometimes they can jump around in just such a way as to narrowly miss your attacks several times as they bump into you over and over.

Also pictured on the right, that elusive ghost I was talking about before.

Simon's legs go on a personal vendetta with his whip to kill the flea man.

Skeleton. He likes to throw a couple of bones at a time and hop from platform to platform, but they've never been in an area I'd consider especially inconvenient.

Ravens! They're even more annoying to hit than flea men. They can fly up, down, side to side, and just about at any speed, so hitting them is sort of a gamble. If they do hit you, it deals heavy damage to you and kills them. Still not worth the trade. Obliterate them by any means available to you.

Nothing going on here, I just thought it looked cool.

A skeleton, and... hey, what's going on over there on the left?


Very Happy ! I was visited by the moneybag fairy!

Apparently there's a lot of "hidden treasures" like this one, but they're usually very hard to find.

I didn't get hurt in this picture. I was using the stopwatch. I had more than enough time to saunter down the stairs, get right up in its face, and smack it with my whip before it could even react.

Leapin' over medusa heads. Nothing new here.

Dragon pillars.

More dragon pillars.

You don't know it yet, but this final stretch of the stage is hell on earth.

Not so bad, right?

(5 seconds later)




Can't... stop... me... badass... vampire... hunter...

Finally, I'm safe.


What? It didn't do anything?! Shit! Okay, I've got a plan, I just have to-

*hurk*... damn...

Musn't... let it... end like... this... *cough*

Simon Belmont evokes the Sands of Time to go back to the hell corridor. Yup, you start back in the final stretch with your whip down to nothing and your subweapon gone. Not that it does any good against the Mummy twins over there.

Face the power of the stubby whip!

It looks kind of cool, but it's just his damage flash animation.

One of the enemies dropped an invisibility potion of invincibility for some odd reason.

Ghost Simon! The potion is wearing off. Also pictured in the background, misery incarnate. That's not for an update or two yet, however.

A dagger, huh? Well, better than nothing. At least I'm not on the verge of death this time.

Let's go, bandaid boy!

The mummy twins are only annoying because there's two of them. They throw bandages at you that are kind of like Medusa's snakes. You can try to take them both on from the sides, but that's very, very difficult and not recommended.

Through some complicated means that involved Simon turning invisible...

...He wound up on the other side of the right mummy during his damage animation, since he can't be hurt again until it stops.

One down, one to go!

How's THAT for down to the wire?!





Next we go to stage 4. If you thought this stage was insane, we haven't even scratched the surface yet!



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Re: Monster Mash: Let's Play Castlevania for the NES!

Post  Guest on Sun Dec 27, 2009 3:01 am

Huh, that's a funny place to be on a map. Wonder where...




Well, I guess not having one's entire body exploding into splinters from the ankles crashing into a stone floor at seemingly over 100 MPH is a fairly good thing.

This section? This section right here at the beginning?

Took me five tries the first time I came across it. Bats will fly across the screen at regular intervals. Their vertical position is based on where you are at the time. They're heat-seeking bats.

Also, mermen return for a grand finale. They jump randomly out of the water. Sometimes this can be way across the screen, sometimes it can be directly below you. It's a surprise!

More floating platforms above instant death water while I'm being attacked from all sides? Count me in!

Also, you have to duck here.

The mermen can jump straight through the ceiling and then walk around in it if they wish.

This happens a lot more often than you'd think.

Somehow the merman from the previous screenshot fell through the ceiling exactly as I was passing under it. I took damage, but didn't get thrown anywhere. Thankfully.

Simon gets gimped by another merman as he's jumping from platform to platform. Fortunately, he still lands safely on target.

And then, he emerges out of the floor of some ruins? Huh. Okay.

Birds. Carrying flea men. The two worst things in this game are together at last.

They really, really, REALLY like to drop flea men.

Too bad the flea men can't move a muscle until they land, which makes hitting them fairly simple.

This, however...

...Can get very ridiculous quickly.

Fortunately, one of the flea men dropped an insta-kill cross. That's a rather odd thing for a flea man to be carrying around.

Dragon head!

It moves around in a random pattern, anchored to whatever wall it comes from, and spits fire at you, and takes lots of hits. Sounds like a party, doesn't it?




Fortunately, they drop lots of goodies. They're skeletal pinatas.

This dark corridor here is from the introductory demo of the game if you don't push any buttons on the title screen.

Dem bones dem bones

Made of money bags this time. One of them fell through the floor and into the inky blackness of nothing.

ANOTHER one? That's three in a row now.

It was made of hearts. Aww. I love you

It also dropped a handy dandy double item thrower.

Destructo block reveals a big heart.


Frankenstein's monster, combined with a flea man. One of the FAQs I read calls every flea man an "Igor" but I think that sounds stupid. Not that flea man is much better mind you, but at least one game officially calls them-

Ahem. Getting back on topic here. Frankenstein's monster is slow and incapable of attacking; he'll simply wander about the area while the flea man jumps around and tosses out a fireball every couple of seconds.

The flea man, however, is the tricky piece of the fight. You can hit him, but it just makes him flash for a few seconds, stuck wherever he was when you hit him. Then he comes back to life and insists on making yours a living hell.

There's all sorts of subtle ways to fight him...

Some people can utilize the whip effectively, while others say the holy water can be put to use here on the monster...

As for me?

I prefer...

To axe him...

A couple of sharp questions.


Win. That's for killing me like half a dozen times, you big n' tall motherf...








Okay... I'm spent... let's grab the orb.



On to chapter 5! Check out the video if you want the dance in all its glory. And you know you do.



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Re: Monster Mash: Let's Play Castlevania for the NES!

Post  Guest on Sun Dec 27, 2009 3:37 am

Welcome to stage 5. Believe it or not, there's only one more stage after this before the end of the game.

Oh boy, flea men. The best start to any kind of level.

Skeletons rain down bones from above as Simon braves the dungeon.

I didn't screencap this after the damage was finished...

I actually took THIS much from a flea man. A FLEA MAN. Everything in this stage is powerful enough to kill you in five hits or less.

That cheerful fellow on the right is a blood skeleton. You can strike them down, but they get back up a few seconds later.


...They like to surround Simon.

The ballsy flea man just stands there as the axe I threw falls an inch away from its nose.

Another flea man... and the axe knights! They take somewhere in the neighborhood of twelve strikes to kill, and they will throw an axe every once in a while that functions similar to the boomerang. You can destroy the axes, fortunately.

They also back up almost constantly, and this one ends up vanishing off the screen never to return.

Ironically, I kill this one with axes.

Bones, coffins, horribly cheap enemies... I'm sensing a pattern.

A blood skeleton and an axe knight, right?

Well, I lured the blood skeleton back the way I came so I could deal with just the axe knight...

...And another blood skeleton ate the knight while I was away and took its place! Fancy that.

More axe night hijinx.

I could have just left, but I wanted to teach it a lesson.

Dragon pillars are back. As is the boomerang!

And the pot roast!

Get ready for another hellish hallway.

Axe knights and medusa heads. Yes, it makes things challenging.

Fortunately, I've got a stockpile of hearts and a boomerang that's been begging to be used for the entire game.

Oh boy, fancy room. You know what that means.


The infamously sadistic boss known as Death is very, very, very, very very cheap.

He makes scythes appear out of thin air that float slowly toward you until you smack them or get smacked by them.

I'm giving it my all... fortunately, one of his scythes drops a triple subweapon thrower.

But it looks very grim...

I just want to point out that I didn't use save states at all during the actual fights. No time for them, anyway. So this entire part here?

Pure badassery.

Ass kicked?

You betcha!

Note that although Death is... dead, and the orb is there, his remaining scythes will keep coming for you until you grab the orb or destroy them.

It was much easier to simply destroy them.






...Huh. The boomerangs are just sitting there. That's kind of cool.

Anyway, stage over! Coming up next, the grand showdown with Dracula!



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Re: Monster Mash: Let's Play Castlevania for the NES!

Post  Guest on Sun Dec 27, 2009 4:17 am

So, time for the last stage! Are you ready to rock?!

Starts off simple enough.

Oh boy, recycled bosses as regular enemies. The pain begins here.

Hoppin' on a bridge



More bats.

A doorway. It makes the same transition noise as the doorway from the very first stage.

A solitary skeleton. Can't be so dangerous in here, right?

Note the gap next to the staircase. I did fall down that once.


Flea men display their wallhax ability here; they can jump through that wall there as if it didn't exist.


It's literally raining flea men. Hallelujah.

Some pot roast will help.

The bird hits me so hard I clip through the platform above me to safety.

MORE of these bastards?!

It looks like I avoided it, but it actually paused briefly above me while I was climbing the stairs so that I ended up taking damage.

Birds are assholes.

This room is blissfully enemy-free.

Oh boy. The staircase that every Castlevania fan knows.

The moon, the castle background, the open-air room... yup.

A coffin. But it's open, and empty.



hi2u dracula!

Dracula follows a fairly simple pattern here. He'll appear, throw a trio of fireballs at you, teleport, re-appear, and repeat ad nauseum.

I get him down pretty far...

...But then Simon zigs when he should have zagged.

That's just mean, Dracula.

...Where did his head go?

Okay, so, starting back down here with full life.

Boomerang's in candle one.

Followed by a whip upgrade, and a big heart.

And then the second whip upgrade. Not bad.


Dracula will be wearing that boomerang fairly often as the fight progresses. Sadly, I have way fewer hearts now than I did before I died.

Simon and Dracula enjoy a brief posing duel in the midst of the battle.

Simon wins, and is awarded a double subweapon thrower by a dead fireball.

The fight is heating up!

Ka-POW! Seriously, Dracula got hit so hard by that boomerang that his head flew off.

And then... turned into some kind of abominable snowman?

Crap he's hanging onto my status window run away run away

He's not as scary as he looks. Other than his improved jumping ability, his fireball attack is the same. He's actually a bit easier now because he's not randomly teleporting anymore.

Doesn't mean it isn't a pain to try and run under him when you're out of space.

Also, I ran out of hearts at about this point. Simon's got to finish this with just his whip.

Take that!

He'll semi-randomly jump much higher than usual, which is when you're supposed to run under him.

Whip to face


Whip to face



Yes again bitch!

I'm hitting the pieces off of him, it looks like.


Lit him up like the Fourth of July!






Why yes, I would like an orb, thank you.


Also, here is a link to the ending:

I'll spare you a full article for the ending, but I'd like to show you three pictures.

Well, that was nice.

(5 seconds later)




Thanks for reading this Let's Play! Saiyonara!


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Re: Monster Mash: Let's Play Castlevania for the NES!

Post  Guest on Mon Dec 28, 2009 6:38 pm

Extra feature! Stage 1 backwards!


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Re: Monster Mash: Let's Play Castlevania for the NES!

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