Mash Monster! Let's Play Castlevania 3 for the NES!

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Mash Monster! Let's Play Castlevania 3 for the NES!

Post  Guest on Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:18 am

Hey, everyone. Thought I'd get off my duff and try a few levels of Castlevania 3. I was going to do Castlevania 2, but... well...

Anyway, let's move on.

We begin the game with... some kind of track lighting.

And boxes!


Then the title screen appears.

This whole intro is presented like a bunch of slide reels, so I'll just put them uninterrupted. The music, by the way, is suitably badass.


Now then...

Enter my name, huh? I wonder if it'll fit...


Trevor's kind of taking it easy in the ruined church.

Then his lightning alarm clock goes off.

And our hero springs into action with a cape that will never appear again.

See? Told you. Trevor doesn't look all that different from Simon, as you can see.

Who's complaining though? Belmont automatically equals badass, right?

The whip powerup for this game. Just like before, two can be collected to make the whip chain-like and longer.

The dagger's back too. Don't get too excited though, I'm dumping it for the next subweapon I can get.

Hearts fuel the subweapons. Big ones like this are worth five.

I always thought that broken statue in the background kind of looked like a slutty fat person.

Door transitions, in all their glory.

Ah, all clea-

Oh. Not so much. Well, there's the skeletons again.

Up into the improbable rafters of the church we go. Moneybags are worth points.

Bats made it to CV3 too.


Wounded by a bat... I feel dirty. Oh, also, holy water. Grabbing it.

That skeleton is trying to jump-kick me!

Sadly, trying to do the same yields less than satisfactory results.

Medusa heads.

Trapfloors are in style.

Trevor is besieged by what appear to be zombie ninja turtles.

The axe! This may work.

Oh boy, fleamen. This won't get annoying.

Mm, wall pot roast.

More dragon pillars for your enjoyment. This one kind of kicked my ass because they changed the timing of the fireballs.

Did you know that distant mountains have doorways separating them?

Ah, the cross returns. Time for some flashy death.


I wonder if that pile of bones will get up and attack me.

Aw snap!

Boss one, Giant Skeleton!

It... pretty much does what you'd expect it to do.

Don't come any closer!


Face Trevor's torso-less wrath!

And he burns up like the rest.

Whilst an orb appears out of nowhere.

Grabbin' it!

And that's the end of stage 1!

Coming up next: The choice! Clock tower or mean forest?!



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