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Episode One (Oct 5th, Monday - Day)

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Post  Essono on Tue Nov 24, 2009 7:08 pm

Kaito's eyes still felt as though they were spinning within his skull, but atleast he had regained his vision. Caster was peering out the window next to him and he was sitting on his bed peering at the map on his lap. It was a simple map of the city, labeled with any boundary fields or exceptional sources of mana Caster had found so far. The results were unsatisfactory, but expected since they had only checked the path from the hotel to school and back.

Kaito sighed and rolled over until he rolled off of the bed and onto his feet. He wasn't worried about his own ability to supply mana, as he was confident in his ability as a magi, he simply wanted insurance and perhaps an advantage. He made his way to the small bathroom included with his suite produced two aspirin from his cabinet and grabbed his jacket from the nearby closet. "Caster, We're heading out" he shouted and his servant obliged.


After a ride in a city bus Kaito arrived near his destination. Which was, ironically the school he had just left. As far as Kaito knew, there was at least one other magi family in town but so far he had yet to find out who exactly it was. As such he had always been especially careful using magic when away from the bounded field around his hotel. His destination, the forest, was his one other safe haven in the city, it too was was covered in a bounded field, though this one was considerably smaller than the one around his home.

Kaito followed around the outer perimeter of the school cautiously, he reached the edge of the forest and entered without stopping. Every time he entered this place he shivered. The mana radiating from the ley point in the nearby temple could be felt even this far away. Even caster seemed to take notice.

Deep within the forest was a simple house that had once belonged to a hermit-like old man. The man had taught Kaito much of what he knew about explosives, from their assembly, to how to trigger them, and even gave him the name of a man from whom he could get supplies. However the man discovered, due to a small accident, that Kaito was a magi. He could still see it, he had reacted quickly firing off a spell before he even knew what spell to pick. His hands...That was the first life he ever took and the bloodiest one he ever hoped to commit. Explosions were much cleaner, a body singed or even destroyed by a bomb makes for a much easier clean up. Kaito had disposed of the body that was... In a torrent of flames created by a simple ring of pipe bombs. The hermit's blood was cleansed by that which he loved and Kaito gained a good place tostudy... win-win situation right?.


Kaito forced himself away from his memory as he sensed the entrance to his bounded field. The field functioned as warning as well as a way to keep others from finding him. The ground around the house was set with many different types of mines both man made and magical. While he knew they would be useless against a servant, they could at least serve as a warning, and if he was lucky, kill the master before he had to fight. The path through the mine field was rather complex but the boy had memorized it and passed through with ease. He arrived at his workshop the place in which he studied magic and explosives. "Until the end of the war," he said suddenly "this will serve as both our home and base if you don't mind" he smiled knowing Caster wouldn't object.

"Master" she replied back surprising him "I believe we should begin going over strategies". Kaito sat dumbfounded, that was the longest sentence she had formed since her summoning.

He blinked a few times before realizing "All of the servants have been summoned?" he asked with a grim expression.

Caster closed her eyes and bowed her head solemnly "That, I am unsure of"

Kaito sighed "Then we have ti-"

"Master what do you assume of me?" Caster replied. Her master simply blinked back 'her monotone hasn't changed' he thought. Caster lowered her head doing something almost like a sigh "I am not like saber or archer" Kaito nodded back simply "Of course, I didn't know which you would be summoned as but I knew Saber was out of the question for you". Caster was unphased she simply continued to speak "As such I am not one to sit and wait for action to come, while I may be better in that respect than previous casters, If I go into a battle as we are I will lose, you may even say that unprepared I would be about as useful as an ordinary magus"

Kaito hadn't been prepared for her to be so blunt, he had brought her here due to it's abundance of mana and figured everything would work itself out. His idea of preparation, after all, was all of the bombs he had set beforehand. "That bad huh?.. Ok, Ok I get it so how do we prepare?" Caster reached into her hair and removed a small hair clip. "We'll begin at the gate of the end"
Kaito could only stand in awe as the air around him began to shift.[center]

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