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Post  Ferios on Thu Sep 24, 2009 8:56 am

Welcome. To City 17. It's safe here.

So, board's still in beta until I get everything set up. Right now I'm talking to myself because there's no members because I haven't sent out notices that I even made the forum, but that's perfectly fine according to my therapist. And don't mind the interface, I'm changing it around and will be getting rid of this default template as soon as I get custom things made. Razz

But for now, it's functional. I think.

Avatars and signatures are all active unless/until I find a reason to deactivate them. I probably won't. I like to stare people down while they post. Forum time is set to my time zone, central US, just... Because. Feel free to change it in your profiles.

I'll make some posts involving what I've come up with on the setting later on today, most likely.

Chatbox has been removed due to general uselessness what with the timeout. And because I hated the only options for it's placement being above or below the forum. In it's place, I've set up a shoutbox. It's got ads for the website I made it in due to my unwillingness to pay for it (for now), but it should be much less useless than the chatbox. The functions should be easy to figure out, but our shoutbox is also viewable here even if the forum is down for your bookmarking pleasure.

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