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A Necessary Evil (Kaito intro)

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A Necessary Evil (Kaito intro) Empty A Necessary Evil (Kaito intro)

Post  Essono on Sun Oct 04, 2009 5:41 pm

It always started like this, an empty void before his eyes, yet voices all around. Slowly the light would return in a blurred form. Colors would remain difficult to perceive no matter how many times he rubbed at his eyes or how rapidly he could blink, nothing would change that. Doctors had told him his entire life that it would never improve, even worse was that his eyesight seemed to be deteriorating further. Thankfully Kaito was gifted with a certain talent that others with his condition didn’t possess, and with the whisper of a simple reinforcement spell he was granted a bit of clarity. A warm, relaxing feeling spread over his eyes as his bedroom came into view.

Outside, the rest of the world still seemed to be asleep, as was usual so early in the morning. With a yawn the boy stood and peered out the window at the lazy city below. The view seemed to extend to the ends of the earth. Living in the suite of a hotel afforded the boy several luxuries, one of which was the amazing view before him. A large window that took up the far wall of his room glittered with the lights of the many businesses around him.

A certain building caught his eye; it was a museum, something filled with art and tools of days long past. Usually it was rather quiet, with a few customers a day and maybe a school field trip or two during a busy week. Today seemed to be different, several armored trucks stood idle near the front of the museum with several men standing around them surveying the surroundings. A limousine was parked in the center and from there a wealthy looking man appeared carrying an object of great interest to the boy.

Mitsuo wasn’t happy. A simple slip up during his last case and now he was placed on cruddy guard duty for some piece of garbage the city had paid for. With the flick of his wrist he discarded his cigarette, the museum workers would only give him a tough time if he tried to enter with it. He messed with his hair with his free hand and approached the stairs following the previous owner of the piece. He hated his type, rich for no reason other than being in the right place at the right time. This one even had the gall to pretend that, despite the hefty sum of money they had paid for the piece, this was a charitable act.

Time seemed to slowly creep forward as the rich guys talked about whatever it was that rich guys talked about. Mitsuo and his fellow guards, tried to appear vigilant, but seemed to be failing as the chief suddenly spoke up. “You better not be slacking there Sato” he shouted with a stern tone. The officer in jumped in response and stood with his chest poked out awkwardly.

“O-of course sir” he stated without thinking “I mean of course not- I’m not slacking sir!”

Mitsuo sighed at the rookie’s behavior “Calm down Chief, what would anybody do with this trash?” He gestured at the object roughly.

To some it would be considered a beautiful piece of art, it was an ancient looking sword, but one would never guess from appearance. Its blade was seemingly flawless Mitsuo was sure that the local history teacher would be ecstatic at its mere mention. Time, or perhaps a well-paid restoration expert, had been rather kind to it; the blade still had a shine to it despite its old age. There were a few nicks in the blade and it seemed to have dulled out to the point where you’d be better off using your fists than lugging the heavy thing around. This was, of course, just based on the knowledge of swords that came with being a police officer, which only went as far as confiscating swords from punks who thought it’d be cool to show them off at school.

Mitsuo awoke from his thoughts to the realization that the chief was still berating him about his comments.
“That’s why, despite your personal feelings, your job is to be vigilant and watch over this item” the chief said, finishing his tirade. With a sigh Mitsuo apologized and mumbled something about checking the perimeter. The chief’s speeches always left him with the urge to smoke, it was like some super power granted to him by the tobacco industry. As he approached the door he began to hear the pitter patter of rain drops on the pavement. He cursed under his breath and took a step outside being sure to stay in the dry area near the door. “Looks like today is going to be a good day” a very sarcastic Mitsuo stated to himself with a puff of smoke.

At the western side of the museum was a simple diner with a history of problems with the neon sign displaying its name proudly to the world. Due to these problems they often had to make use of the maintenance ladder behind the building, and because they hired a rather careless company for the repairs the gate separating the maintenance ladder from the rest of the world was often left unlocked. A simple climb to the rooftop and you were within a reasonable distance of the museum rooftop. It was from this vantage point that Kaito watching the unloading of his target. He was kept dry by a thin raincoat that had the added bonus of concealing the boy’s face.

With a flick of his wrist he opened his cell phone and dialed a number. Mere minutes later a series of gunshots rang out from a store across the street, they’d find later that this was simply a product of the amazing sound quality available on the internet nowadays. This plan was about as effective as he had expected, taking two of the guards from inside as well as the guard stationed outside the door, and sending the owner of the sword and the manager of the museum into an office. A simple fire spell aimed at the sprinklers was enough to set off the fire alarm. This opened the shutters blocking the fire exits, leaving only a bullet-proof glass door between him and the inside of the building. As an added bonus the owner of the sword made a break for the fire exit carrying the sword in a simple wooden box. A quick slide down the ladder and dash towards the back placed him at the nearest fire exit.

Another fire spell destroyed the rear facing camera and an exploitation of the rich man’s weak knee put the box safely in his arms. Kaito grunted as he lifted the heavy object. Its weight was far beyond his expectations and before he knew it he heard the shouts of police coming his way. He turned and somehow managed to slip on the wet grass sending the box skidding away. “Dammit” he muttered under his breath. Soon three police had him surrounded. Calm eyes scoped them out as they reached to draw their guns. The boy quickly reached into his pocket. Not happy with the boy’s reaction the fastest cop fired the first shot. Perhaps startled by the boy’s size the shot was aimed for his leg and with a simple side step the bullet simply grazed his leg. Putting his acting skills to work he crouched as the the bullet had hit its mark. As the police approached to apprehend him they failed to notice that his had was still in his pocket and with the press of a button the speed dial activated and a small explosion went off atop the diner he had been to earlier. Two of the cops left, leaving it up to the youngest of them to grab him.

How many times now had they underestimated him? It was getting annoying. He knew he was small, he knew he was weak, and he knew he was a kid. But this was still a robbery and he was still the culprit. The gem in his palm let out as gentle shine and the rookie went up in flames.

Was it really so hard to believe that he had committed the crime alone? The idiots didn’t even think to grab the box before dashing off, and they had the nerve to underestimate HIM!? The street between him home was more or less empty but Kaito didn’t want to take the risk. He had made preparation for the summoning in the basement of an old business he helped out at sometimes. It could be reached by taking alleyways from the museum and the entrance was outside. He collapsed at the bottom of the stairs, the box was heavy enough on its own, a leg injury just made it unfair.

The coat, cell phone and clothes he was wearing went into the polished wooden box. After he had finished changing, the sword went into the center of the circle, and with the muttering of a few lines, his servant was born. A tall European looking man stood over him with a smirk on his face, “So my master is a child this time?” the smirk turned into a full-blown smile as he began to laugh “I guess without that much of a handicap this game wouldn’t be fair!” Kaito hated this man already and began to waste a command on making sure this man never treated him like a kid again, but by sheer force of will he managed to stop himself.

The man turned and grasped the sword used for his summoning, the moment his hand grasped the hilt the blade let out a fierce glow returning to its ancient form. “I’m Rider” the man said turning back towards him “Pleased to be working with ya, lil Master.”

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