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Post  Ferios on Mon Nov 09, 2009 6:19 pm

Well, we're getting fairly close to the night phase now. Due to that, I think it's about time... I hate to do this since it takes some of my own fun away, but one person's fun has to be ruined for everyone else to keep it, and I like this idea much better than having people update their character pages and ruining it for everyone. Therefore, if everyone would go ahead and PM me their Servant's details, I'll begin thorough examination of them for balancing and legality as promised. Naturally, any players submitting a Servant from here on out are required send these in as well. There's no hurry, but sooner is better.

Here's a quick checklist of things I need to see:
  • True name.
  • Noble Phantasm details.
  • Whether their summoning was a failure or success.
  • Any handicaps incurred due to summoning failure, if applicable.
  • Anything else you think I might need to consider. Consult the next list for decision-making assistance.
And here are some things I don't want to see if you can help it:
  • The Servant's history and any rewrites therein.
  • Why their summoning was a failure, if applicable.
  • Why that particular Heroic Spirit was summoned for that Master (Catalyst, similar personality, etc).
  • Details on catalysts used in their summoning, if applicable.
Keep those things to yourself. I'll extend my trust in those areas because I don't want to ruin every last bit of my fun. =p

You also don't need to send me anything you're going to post directly on the character page. I'll see that anyway, so sending me a copy of it isn't really necessary. That said, if anyone needs help in the creation or development of their character(s), including anything in either of those lists, I'll be glad to help if you PM me about it. My entertainment is less important than you having a well-built character. And besides, helping with character creation is usually fun in itself.

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