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The Rules of F/ce

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The Rules of F/ce Empty The Rules of F/ce

Post  Ferios on Wed Dec 16, 2009 8:57 pm

As the title says, here are the rules of this forum in no particular order. Note that the shoutbox is considered part of the forum, which means all of these rules apply to it as well.

No godmoding. I could rant for days about how idiotic it is. Just don't do it. I tend to react to it with extreme prejudice.

No metagaming. This is a little harder to judge than the previous rule, so you may consider it more of a guideline. I won't do anything but make you change it unless it becomes obvious that you're doing it on purpose.

Insults, flaming and general rudeness in the out-of-character areas will not be tolerated. As for in-character posts, it's perfectly fine to have a character that's a total jerk provided that it's not turned into a personal attack or something.

Keep profanity under control. Profanity is allowed, but try to tone it down a bit. I tend to curse a lot myself, but I attempt to moderate it and I wouldn't ask you to do anything I wouldn't do... Unless I think it'd be really funny. For in-character, profanity is again fine. If you happen to have a lot of it in your post, it may be a good idea to make a content warning in parentheses at the beginning of the post. But they're not required.

Keep our 'content rating' around ages 15+. This includes images. Brief, light sexual content is fine. I'm all for a realistic fantasy. But if you have content that would go above that rating, it would be best to take it to private messages or emails or an instant messenger. 'Fade to black' in your posts if you have to. To be perfectly honest, the primary reason for this is because Forumotion will close the board if it has adult content on it.

No overly gory images. Gory text is fine; be as brutal and descriptive as you'd like. I love a little horror scene. Again, content warnings in the beginning of posts are appreciated but not mandatory.

This is an English board. However, the setting is in Japan and there will be times (at least in my posts) when Japanese words or honorifics are used. Try to keep it to words most people (should) know. If you can't, it would be nice if you could politely translate something in one of your posts if someone asks about it. Otherwise I don't think this will be much of an issue.

You get one account. If you lose access to a previous one, email me and we'll work something out. Otherwise, any duplicate users will be deleted.

Keep advertising here to a minimum. If you want to show something off or state your opinion, that's fine, but blatant advertisements will be deleted. The inverse is also true, blatant or repetitive bashing of other websites/products/..things will not be tolerated.

Post things on the board they belong in. I don't really care if you stay on the topic of your original post or not, as long as the content is always appropriate for the board. This is the only thing in this list that won't earn you more than a warning unless you do it over and over and I get really tired of moving your posts around.

Keep avatar and image signature sizes reasonable. I'm not going to state any dimensions because I don't care enough to, but.. For avatars, if you can upload it (since size and whatnot is already limited, though I forget what it's set to) it's probably fine. For signatures, if it's not distorting anything it should also be fine. Don't worry too much about it. If I think it's unnecessarily large, I'll just point it out to you so you can fix it.

Do not play any original Fate characters. You can get pretty close to the old characters, if you'd like (For example, someone's relative or Joan of Arc instead of Saber -- things like that are fine), but I'd rather we stay away from actually playing them. The main reason for this is because this is intended to be a creative roleplay board, not a fan fiction board.

Make use of spoiler tags. The setting of F/ce continues after the anime. Therefore, spoilers from the anime will be all over the place due to these things being considered common knowledge here. However, to anyone who has read the novels, I ask that you make liberal use of the spoiler tag (under 'others' on the posting page) should you speak of them.

Do not badger others to post. This always produces far more negative results than positive ones. Personally, the more pressure someone builds up on me to get me to post, the less I feel like writing anything.

Use the current thread on the 'Tomiya City' board for roleplaying. You may only start a new thread on this board if you are writing an introduction post for your character(s). We all use the same thread to keep everyone in the same timeframe. I'll create a new thread for every new day/night phase. No need to worry, I'll generally ask if everyone's done for the day/night first.

Do not ask to be a moderator. If you have to ask, you're not what I'm looking for. That said, I'm content to stay the only admin and moderator for the time being. If a situation occurs where I feel the need to call in backup, I will ask those I deem qualified.

Failure to follow these rules will result in warnings, temporary bans, and permanent bans, in that order. Failure to follow them in the shoutbox will only result in a ban from the shoutbox, not from the forum itself; evasion of a temporary ban will result in an immediate permanent ban, blah blah ignorance is no excuse etc etc.

As always, I reserve the right to change these rules if I believe it's necessary. To keep revisions from going unnoticed, I will always create a new announcement for the new rules. Thank you for reading.

The Rules of F/ce F-ce_s12_feri

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