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I want you!

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I want you! Empty I want you!

Post  Legion on Sun Jan 03, 2010 12:46 am

To think up your very own plan to destroy the world! Why? You ask, well it is very simple.. In every megalomaniac there hides a devious plan, and I want to know your plan.. Your elaborate evil plan to tear the worlds to shreds, jet it in to the sun, disintegrate it, blow it up, cool it down, heat it up, laser it, incite Subliminal messages to the population and turn them in to obedient slaves..

Now why would this thread be so interesting.. Well let me tell you, the person above you plays a devious role in your plans.

How and why? Well once again I will try to explain without missing the point (If I fail.. Tough cookies) The person above you is the superspy that stops you.. So here is an example

Plan :
To destroy the world using a laser and shooting the earths core, making it overheat and melt the earths surface

Person above me :
Stops me by wagging his finger with deadly swiftness.

So simply, be random and fun.. Why have I made this topic? Because I had nothing better to do that's why!

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