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A Hopefully Not Very Confusing Explanation

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A Hopefully Not Very Confusing Explanation Empty A Hopefully Not Very Confusing Explanation

Post  Ferios on Tue Feb 23, 2010 7:19 am

This board and the one linked to it in the F/sr category are, as the name suggests, for relatively unrelated content that takes (took?) place one year before the events currently playing out in the main roleplaying section. It's centered around Tomiya High and focuses on lighthearted, normal school life roleplaying. No combat (slapstick violence is fine), no malignant or power-hungry influences, no lengthy drama, little magic, psychological issues should be limited to those that are comedic in nature, that sort of thing.

It's also geared to be the spotlight for not-so-important characters in the F/ce story. What this means is that characters you play in the main roleplaying area cannot have anything more than supporting roles in this area. Conversely, your supporting characters get to live the dream and be the main character in this area. Or you can just create a new character for use here. Or you can create a new character for use here and then reference them in the background later on in the main roleplay. The possibilities are limitedly endless.

This out-of-character board is the F/sr counterpart of the Tiger Dojo, so treat it the same way. Since this part of the forum will be far more laid-back about.. Everything, there aren't many guidelines for characters. They should be human or something that can pass as human, but no Servants. Supernatural anything should be kept to a minimum. These are just normal school days, after all. Other than that, you're free to be whatever you want that fits into a modern Japanese high school.

To be completely honest, this area was created as an outlet for creativity when the main story is moving too slowly. To that end, playing here is not recommended at all unless you have enough free time to roleplay in two or more areas or unless you're here specifically for a school life roleplay. So I'm not really expecting anyone to play here, at least for now. But don't let that stop you if you feel you qualify.

Note that the roleplay board is locked for the moment. I'll unlock it when people express interest in playing in this section.

A Hopefully Not Very Confusing Explanation F-ce_s12_feri

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