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Post  Ferios on Sun Jun 06, 2010 11:13 am

Here are a few download links for music I've collected and been using for roleplaying-related endeavors. I've got themes for places, general mood-setting tracks and more than one song for just about every character made for F/ce, including those that aren't my own. If you don't like a track that I use for your character, well... Uh. Delete it? Keep in mind that this is a collection of songs I personally use as background music for when I'm reading or writing. Honestly, I'm not going to stop using it because you said so, at least not until I myself find the theme unfit for your character. Hate me if you wish; you won't hurt my feelings. Wink

Anyway. Most of these tracks are from visual novels (though there is no actual Fate/stay music, which seems wrong somehow now that I think about it), but a few are from games or anime and even fewer are from artists I follow, of which there are not very many. Basically, that means most of you will not recognize 90% of them. It also means that it's a bixed munch as far as genre goes. I can also say that I absolutely abhor music with words when I'm reading or writing. They're distracting. As such, there are next to no songs with Japanese lyrics and literally no songs with English lyrics in this collection. I also have far more songs for my characters than anybody else's. Relax, it's not because I hate you or your character or want to punch you in the face. I just don't know them as well as I do my own.

And on that note, I encourage everyone to post comments or upload your own music. Believe it or not, while I won't stop using a song because you don't like it, I do actually keep an archive of music people send me for their stuff. Even if I hate the song, I tend to keep it anyway to respect the owner's wishes. Besides, I might use or need them sometime. You never know. So by all means, participate. Even if you don't have songs to post, tell me/us what genre or type of music your characters would have. For example, Kogane is primarily violin-themed, but most other string instruments work. Kokoro, on the other hand, goes well with acoustic guitar. Assassin embraces all of the BGMs that are so creepy and unsettling that you can't sleep while they're playing (except I have at least once, albeit accidentally). Daisuke is just generally hard to find 'goofy but not dance-y' music for and I'm still torn as to whether half of his songs are relevant or not. And now that I've described each of my own characters, I guess you can toss songs up for them too if you really want.

Oh, and these are all on MegaUpload because I find it to be the best 'I must upload random crap' file-hosting service. If that becomes an actual issue somehow, I might toss up a mirror or two. Maybe. Probably not, but it could happen.

And before I forget again, if you see a track with a name that's just a bunch of squares or gibberish or something, that's because the file name is in Japanese and won't show up properly unless you have Asian fonts installed. They should still run fine, though.

Setting Pack: Contains themes for Tomiya City (day and night), Tomiya High, the forest, general mood-setters and what has sort of become the actual Fate/corrupted equanimity theme. About 150 MB total.
Part 1: Nekoslovakia
Part 2: Kuroneko-san

Character Pack 1: Contains my main characters (Assassin, Daisuke (and apparently his family; I overlooked them when packing this one), Kogane and Kokoro). Slightly trimmed to be about 200 MBeez.
Part 1: Tora-shinai
Part 2: Oh ho, why not whore nii-san?

Character Pack 2: Contains everyone else's Servants (Archer, Caster, Lancer, Rider and the as-of-yet unseen Saber). Aboot 60 MB.
Part The Only: Shiki-sama, you're so dense.

Character Pack 3: Contains everyone else's Masters (Akashi, Kaito, Neal and Victor). About 50 Monster Bites, perhaps a bit less depending on jaw size.
Part Lonely: THIS CHAIR!

They're taking a bit of time to upload even at 300 kB/s, so I'll edit in more links as I go. Edit: And done. If I screwed one of the links up and it doesn't work, complain in this thread or sue me for several thousand dollars and I'll fix it. Otherwise, enjoy.

Edit edit: For those of you Canadians (and perhaps non-Canadians) that've never used WinRAR's file-splitting system, you have to have FCEChars1.part1.rar and part2.rar in the same folder. Then you extract part1 and it should auto-detect and extract from part2 in the same motion. So you only have to extract part1, the second part takes care of itself. You do need both parts to extract properly, though, since there's probably half an mp3 in one of them and half in the other. So. Yeah. I should have just made them standalone. My bad.

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