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Master Yuumitsu Kogane

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Master Yuumitsu Kogane Empty Master Yuumitsu Kogane

Post  Ferios on Thu Sep 24, 2009 9:30 am

Master Yuumitsu Kogane 5kkbxu

Name: Yuumitsu Kogane
Class: Magus (Master)
Servant: Assassin
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Sex: Female
Age: 16
Height/Weight: 145cm, 34kg
Affiliation(s): Mage's Association, ???
Likes: Contests, eggs, efficiency.
Dislikes: Lies, crowds, foreign food.

Magic Circuits: 13
Mana Capacity: 112
Mana Regen: 57/day
Circuit Efficiency: 1:1.5
Magic Trigger: ???

Talent: ???

Traits: Possesses a massive mana production rate. Too high, in fact, for a human to remain healthy without regularly expending the pent-up magical energy. Causes frequent fevers.

Elemental Affinity: Fire
Most non-magical flame harmlessly washes over her body. Another sign of how deep her bond with fire goes is how naturally high her body temperature is (around 41 degrees celsius, 106 fahrenheit). She feels very feverish to touch even when she's not actually running a fever by her own standards. While this kind of body heat should be deadly, she seems to function just fine.

Origin: Conquest

Family Crest: None

Command Spell: Two remaining. Exact location currently unknown.

Appearance: Long silver hair with the tips dyed a very faint pink. Rather short for her age, surprisingly athletic in build. Also flat as a board. Her casual outdoor wear consists of a long-sleeved cotton shirt of grayish-purple and silver-gray short skirt. Also favors fishnets, black thigh high stockings and a pair of black leather shoes. Occasionally dons a black leather jacket for particularly chilly days. Cute in an immature kind of way.

Kogane is a second-year student in Tomiya High. She comes from a family of skewed perfectionists with a small amount of magical talent and lives in a decent-sized, western-style house in the southeastern part of Tomiya City's housing district. The house is not quite large enough to be called a mansion, but if it had a butler it could most certainly pose as one. And it seems to have one now. Her parents actually left her alone in Japan to travel abroad, saying that if she was worthy of being a member of the family, she should be able to live on her own. Thankfully, they still seem to be paying the property bills from wherever they are. But food is another story.

She has a bad attitude and puts up an egotistical, self-centered front to make herself seem tough to others when she, in actuality, has a rather low self-esteem due to her failure to live up to her own high standards in magecraft (among other things). At the very least, she is a member of the Mage's Association along with her parents. She favors flame-related spells in combat, although she tends to throw too much energy into them and has control issues. She's not useless in physical combat but, due to her small stature, she relies heavily on agility and dirty tricks. She's fairly adept at archery even without cheating, but what's the sense in firing arrows when you can throw fireballs?

She's a perfectionist when it comes to competitions, especially physical ones. In school, she is known for the fact that she joined every single sports club the school has for a day during her first year. She completely bested most of the existing club members at their own sport within just a few hours apiece, gloated over her triumph and moved on to the next club until there were none left. It's rumored she cheated in several of them, and if the footprint the head of the Sumo Club had on his face for a few days is any indication... However, to her, 'cheating' is just another perfectly acceptable way of winning. Such feats have yet to be fully repeated this year, though she has had a few 'challenges' so far. Her grades, though passing, are actually rather low. She maintains that the classes aren't challenging and therefore fail to capture her attention.

The eyepatch, a recent addition to her outfit, is a bit of an enigma due to the fact that she had both eyes until recently. It in itself started a few rumors about how she was attacked by the murderer responsible for the recent killings. Due to the fact that she didn't take any days off of school, most people who know of her just assume it's an odd fashion statement of some kind.

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