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Master Gavin Vossler

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Master Gavin Vossler Empty Master Gavin Vossler

Post  Zatheena on Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:02 am

(image to come)

Name: Gavin Vossler
Class: Master
Servant: Archer
Hair: Short dirty blonde
Eyes: Steel grey
Age: 18
Height/Weight: 188cm 80kg
Affiliation(s): ???

Magic Circuits: 21
Mana Capacity: 54
Mana Regen: 3/day
Circuit Efficiency: 1:1
Magic Trigger: ???

Talent: ???

Traits: When he does use magic, he tends to be ruthless about the force brought to bare.

Elemental Affinity: ???

Origin: Wrath

Family Crest: Both palms

Appearance:Gavin is a tall young man with short dirty blonde hair and a significant amount of stubble which is trimmed into a goatee. His steel grey eyes are normally hidden behind a pair of shades, and his attire normally consists of black slacks, white button up shirt that isn't tucked in, and a black casual jacket overtop. He's a smoker and packs two pistols in a shoulder harness that tend to be hidden under the jacket.

Personality: To say Gavin is unstable is putting it lightly. His behavior tends to be widely varied. Sometimes he can pull off a job in stoic silence, other times he enjoys the killing far too much and laughs as he kills, and yet other times he can come off as a completely normal and charming person that you might bump into on the street. For this reason he is dangerously unpredictable and his "employers" try to keep him on a very tight leash.

History: Nina's family weren't the most powerful, wellknown or even talented magus family, but they practiced none the less, and some even got very proficient in skills that they had a particular affinity for. Regardless, however, Nina would soon find out that even magic can't solve all problems. Like how it often was, when she met the man she would eventually marry, he was sweet and kind, it was only after the wedding that his true colours were revealed and Nina's nightmare began, and shortly after that, she found out she was pregnant.

Born in a small town in Australia, Gavin didn't actually have many memories of his life in the outback. With an abusive and also quite obsessive father, Gavin's mother decided one day that she could no longer stand the violent environment. In a move that took all of her courage she packed some things one day and vanished with her four year old boy and made for Japan in hopes of starting a new life.

Things did not turn out well and soon she found herself deep in debt and unable to even afford food for her son and herself. In an act of desperation she turned to less savory characters for financial assistance. This however only made things worse and soon the Yakuza were knocking on her door to collect the money she had borrowed.

Unable to pay up she was given one option. She had to put her son into servitude to the criminals that she had turned to to survive. At the tender age of 5, Gavin was whisked away to start training for his future job. A hitman for the Yakuza. It wasn't long after Gavin was taken away that his mother, heartbroken over what she had done to her son, commited suicide and thus with her, the last of Gavin's ties to any semblance of a normal life were lost, and he inherited his mother's crest.

It was much later, when Gavin hit the age of 13 when he was caught doing something that his mentors and teachers hadn't actually been aware he was capable of. One night Gavin had been doing an excersize that he remembered his mother teaching him, simply levetating an object infront of him (in this case that object was a gun) and watching it slowly rotate. This was quickly reported to the head of the organization and Gavin was quickly seen as more of an asset than originally thought. Soon he had new teachers, ones that were teaching him more complex magecraft that would assist him in his "duty" to the organization.

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