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Master Aléa Serafínes-Mireau

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Master Aléa Serafínes-Mireau Empty Master Aléa Serafínes-Mireau

Post  Akeii on Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:56 am

Rain beat down against the baroque mansion windows, and night's darkness reigned. The only major source of light to break this gloom was a hooded electric lamp, which cast its concentrated beam onto a wide oak table. Two men were present in the large, dim room, their forms barely distinguishable. One man sat behind the table in a gilded armchair, and the other stood behind him, watching. For a while, both were silent.

The first man suddenly moved something across the oaken desk. Papers spilled into the bright lamplight, and on top of them, a single photograph gleamed:

Master Aléa Serafínes-Mireau 9WaZE

He laughed grimly. "What have we here? A pretty chica my nephews can dance with?"

The standing man remained where he was. "I would encourage you to read on."

The sitting man grunted and tossed the picture aside. He pulled up the first sheet of paper:

Full Name: Aléa Florencia Serafínes-Mireau de la Torre
Physical Traits: White hair and dark skin. Slight, athletic build. No identifiable scars.
Class: Magus.
Planned Servant: Caster.
Psychological Profile: INTP Preference. Some evidence of altruism present. No signs of instability. Subject shows unusual liking for music. Some anxiety around physically attractive men observed.
Sex: Female.
Age: 20.
Height/Weight: 145cm, 55kg.
Affiliation(s): Mage's Association, Bloodlines Serafínez and Miroitier, la Torre Duchy.

"Hmm, yes, the la Torre Duchy. At least they count for something."

"Indeed. Their patronage is the crux of our plan."

The sitting nobleman looked back at the paper.

Family Crest (Serafínez): Said to be etched as six silver sigils on the owner's back. Abilities unknown. Crest mana capacity unknown.
Family Crest (Miroitier): Confirmed to be a chain of mirrors stretching from one wrist, up the arms, and across the collarbone to the other wrist. Abilities unknown. Crest mana capacity unknown.
Potential Origins: Empathy, Conception, Harmony, Mirror.

"Mirrors? Fancy tattoos? This is nonsense. I do not care how superstituous the Martinezes are; one simply does not win a batalla with tattoos."

The standing man was silent.

When no answer was forthcoming, the nobleman glanced down again, and read.

Elemental Affinities: Unconfirmed. Note Serafínez family's specialization in Spirit, and the Miroitiers' in Illusion. Insufficient data to form further conclusions.
Magic Circuits: 35
Mana Capacity: 350
Mana Regeneneration: 7-17/day.
Circuit Efficiency: 1:1.5
Magic Trigger(s): Unknown.
Known Talents: Pistolera Primera de la Torre, Gran Maestra de Keysi, Krav Maga Adon Kyudan, Savateuse D'argent à Gant de Cinq, Parkour Traceur.

The nobleman slowly set down the stack of papers. "First gunfighter of la Torre, Keysi Grandmaster, Ninth Dan Krav Maga black belt and a Fifth Silver Glove Saveteuse? Mierda la cama."

"Aye, I've seen her type before. An admirer of learning, that one."

"And yet she wastes years learning how to run away. I fail to see the logic of this wise woman."

"The wisest know when to run, Señor. When they do, they run well."

"Hmph. Perhaps you are right. A bull just might do worse than a fox in this bloody gresca. But tell me. What then prevents our magic fox from simply fleeing the scene, eh, adjunct?"

The Tower adjunct smiled mirthlessly in the gloom, revealing a row of gleaming teeth. "You must understand one more fact, Señor. A true mage never gives up such a chance. The scent of power is too strong, you see. Oh, she will stay. She will stay."

Rain continued its heavy thrum against the manor windows. There was no flash of lightning, no loud burst of thunder to accompany this final statement. Yet the room did seem to grow significantly colder - and the nobleman shivered.

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