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Post  Ferios on Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:05 pm

Servant Assassin NewAssassin-DualPersonaX

True Name: ?
Class: Servant (Assassin)
Master: Kogane
Alignment: Varies (Chaotic Good, Neutral and Evil)
Sex: Male
Height/Weight: 187cm, 68kg
Likes: Gore, tomatoes, reading, children.
Dislikes: Sweets, women.

Appearance: A tall, slim foreign man with bishouneny good looks. His purple eyes hide behind a pair of frameless spectacles and his disheveled, gray-brown hair is always hastily tied back in a tail. His usual, modern outfit is a relaxed business casual; light purple shirt, loose striped tie and gray slacks, often with a doctor's lab coat. His battle outfit is a formal, black, european-style suit, complete with gloves and a doctor's bag (but sadly lacking a hat).

Personality: The personality Assassin projects is one of a humble doctor with the ability and desire to save lives. Smart, lighthearted and a little dense, he plays down his own talents whenever he gets the chance, but he doesn't even break a sweat under pressure when a life is on the line. The truth is that he doesn't panic because the sight of an injury is exciting. While he intellectually knows that his thoughts and emotions toward such situations are morally unsound, the actual moral implications of both saving and taking lives don't really exist to him. He simply does what he does because he likes slicing people open and sewing them back together. Women are particularly stimulating for him to operate on, enough that he has the urge to do so whenever around one and sometimes avoids them due to not wanting to further plumb the depths of insanity. Even given his aversion of women, he doesn't seem to have many problems with high school girls. This is likely because they're still mostly children, as far as he's concerned. The moment they start looking or acting like adults, they've made themselves a target.

Strength: D
Endurance: E
Agility: B+
Magical Energy: D
Luck: B
Noble Phantasm: ?

Class Abilities:
  • Presence Concealment B: Can hide fairly well, even while on the move.
  • Projectile (Knives) C: Able to quickly and accurately throw small bladed objects. The thrown blades travel at roughly half the speed of low velocity bullets, about ten times the speed a human is capable of throwing.
Personal Skills/Abilities:
  • Anatomy B: Surgical knowledge. Can perform surgeries, amputations, transplants, suturing and other such acts of physical mending or damage control. He also knows where and how to strike a victim or opponent with almost any kind of weapon to injure them the way he wants, whether it be to cripple or kill. The damage and crippling bonuses have a lesser effect on Servants due to their superhuman endurance, while the medical services are only useful means of treatment on humans.
  • Charm D: Can convince a single person through normal conversation to do his bidding for a short period of time (about fifteen minutes). At this rank, it is impossible to force the victim to carry out commands that directly go against their nature.
  • Get Lost B: An instinctive knowledge of when (but not where) to flee, whether it be from a crime scene or from combat. Functions as a C Rank in Disengage when in combat, allowing him a good chance of escape even with more than one opponent. Due to the panic associated with the urge to escape, he loses all navigational sense for the duration of the retreat.
  • Crumbling Sanity X: No matter how much he fights to hold himself together, Assassin's mental state is constantly degrading. This trait functions similarly to Mental Pollution, but the severity of it increases by the day. When he is first summoned, this trait is rank F and has no noticeable effect on him. It increases in rank every twenty four hours until he ceases to exist. Every new rank brings increased resistance to outside mental interference, increased danger to any mage attempting mental magic on him and an increase in how erratic and/or psychotic his behavior is. Essentially, the longer he survives after being summoned, the more of a threat he is to himself and everyone around him.
Noble Phantasms:
  • ???
  • ???
Weapon/Armor: No real armor, just his unremarkable clothing. He doesn't seem to possess a genuine phantasm weapon, but he does have a wide array of medical tools, from scalpels to bonesaws, that are all well above normal sharpness and strength due to them being formed of mana.

History: Currently unknown, as are his reasons for seeking the Grail.

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