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Servant ???

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Servant ??? Empty Servant ???

Post  Ferios on Sat Oct 29, 2011 8:49 am

Servant ??? Archer1

True Name: ???
Class: Servant (Archer?)
Master: ???
Alighment: Chaotic Evil
Sex: Female
Height/Weight: ?cm, ?kg
Likes: Violence, corruption, blood, eating.
Dislikes: Idealism, religion, divine beings.


Personality: Cynical and immodest, Archer is the kind of person who does things because they're immoral or taboo; just because she's told not to. In fact, she often makes it a point to persuade others to do the same. She has a voracious appetite and often makes remarks about how things taste, from actual food to certain kinds of people and other things that generally aren't meant to be eaten. One of her purer joys seems to be clothing; she loves trying on different dresses and costumes, often adopting a new outfit for every role she decides to play.

Archer's persuasion methods vary greatly from person-to-person, but almost all of them involve acting. She can be kind and friendly, prim and ladylike, stubborn and easily embarrassed, a drunk, a student, a maid, a parent, a prostitute, even docile and innocent, whatever best suits the 'project' at hand. That's not to say she's a perfect actor, but she does seem to have a lot of experience with it. She is completely indifferent to gender in her sometimes-sexual corrupting habits, and age is little more to her than a measurement of experience. Her favorite 'projects' are pure, innocent beings due to the enjoyment she can get out of slowly, thoroughly corrupting them (assuming she doesn't just eat them before she gets the chance, which she admits to being fully capable of doing). That slow process provides much more satisfaction than quickly doing the same to an easily-tainted human. Conquering the ultimate purity could be considered one of her goals, though it's definitely not her wish for the grail given that a world without things to pervert would be extremely boring. A fully- or mostly-corrupted soul is of little entertainment to her and is typically left to bring itself to ruin while she searches for something more fun.

Strength: C
Endurance: B
Agility: B
Magical Energy: C
Luck: E-
Noble Phantasm: ???

Class Abilities:
  • Projectile (Archery) C: Greater mastery over the bow than a modern expert. More than sufficient for sniping, but the small stature of her bow prevents her from using it from extreme distances. Nullifies Protection From Arrows of equal or lesser rank.
  • Independent Action EX: Requires a steady stream of mana to exist, but has no need at all for a contract. Can stay in the world indefinitely even without a Master provided she consumes large quantities of mana every hour.
  • Magic Resistance X: Her base rank is C, but this ability is rendered completely useless by Devourer.
Personal Skills/Abilities:
  • Wild Combat B: Primal, animalistic melee fighting style. In melee combat, her claws and teeth are nearly noble phantasms of their own. Also improves the use of improvised melee weapons (such as arrows) that rely on speed and power more than technique.
  • Corruptive Nature B: Slowly taints those she comes into contact with through her words and actions. By spending a prolonged amount of time with someone, she can strip their morals away, causing them to become a sociopath. This does not guarantee that the persons affected will behave in a violent manner, but it does cause one to behave selfishly and attempt to fulfill whatever desires they have. This effect is partially magical, but the core of it is just natural persuasion and rationalizing.
  • Devourer A+: The ability to swallow most anything whole without leaving any traces behind. Primarily applies to magecraft; it functions like a mana vacuum. All projectile or area-of-effect spells directed at her will automatically be consumed unless they are of A rank or greater. She will also slowly drain the mana out of enchantments, bounded fields, mental attacks and other kinds of spells simply being in their presence. Upon each consumption, she gains a minimal amount of mana proportional to the spell consumed. Physical objects such as projectiles can also be devoured, but that does not happen automatically and doesn't grant any mana unless the object contains some. Does not work on Noble Phantasms of C rank or above. This skill has no effect on Reality Marbles, though the items within a marble may still be affected by it.
  • Divinity X: Measures one's divine spirit aptitude. Her initial rank was C, but she's become so corrupt that her Divinity has been obliterated.
  • Monstrosity C: Measures one's monster aptitude. At this rank, one's existence is so twisted that the body is extremely disfigured and has ceased to function the conventional way. Attempts at physically disabling her by aiming at vitals may have a lesser or no effect, and injuries that should be deadly (but are not obviously fatal) are but minor hindrances. Nullifies Anatomy, Projectile and other similar skills of equal or lesser ranks.
Noble Phantasms:
  • ???
  • ???
Weapon/Armor: At range, she weilds a simple, dainty-looking shortbow that is deceptively powerful for it's size. The bow was meant for short range combat, but it can be used effectively enough at medium range as well. If she is above her target (i.e. on a towering building), however, the effective range is quite magnified. Otherwise she fights bare handed, with her own nails and teeth, simply because the raw, primal act of killing with one's own body appeals to her. In the event that she becomes more serious, she directly stabs or slashes with arrows from her quiver.

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